A 6-step plan for finding your wall decoration!

Step 1: Make your choice of material

First of all, it is important to consider what kind of material appeals to you before you start wall decoration buys. We offer prints on poster, canvas and plexiglass. Are you not quite sure and would you like some more information about the materials? Then take a look at our materials pages. Do you like one plexiglass painting which your room extra shine gives? Or rather one classic canvas painting that makes your home extra cozy? Or do you prefer a beautiful one? poster for your bedroom? The choice is yours!

Step 2: Choose the correct format wall decoration

Second, you are going to choose the correct format. Look at the room where you have your wall art want to hang up. Do you have a lot or little space? You must always ensure that the wall decoration in ratio is with the rest of the room

Stand at a distance and imagine where the wall decoration should be hung and approximately how big it should be. Measure the wall and see which one format painting you need. Now choose the size in our webshop that corresponds to your measured dimensions. Now you have chosen your correct format!

Step 3: What interior does your house have?

Third, you look at what kind products your house has. A Scandinavian, vintage or maybe one industrial interior? This is important to keep in mind. Wall decoration such as a plexiglass painting, for example, fits a lot less well with a vintage interior, but does well with a minimalist interior.

Step 4: What are your favorite wall decoration colors?

Fourth, you choose the colors that you put in your wall decoration want to have. Is this the color red, of fire and roses or is this the color green, of life, innovation and energy. Choose the color you like and find the wall decoration out who represented these colors.

Step 5: Which topic appeals to you? 

Fifth, you choose the category or topic you like. Is this plant, flowers, landscapes or something else? Walljar offers one diverse range Categories. So feel free to look in all our categories and find your topic!Wall decoration

Step 6: You have found your wall decoration!

Now that you know how to find your wall decoration, do not wait any longer and order your favorite design from one of our collections on poster, canvas or plexiglass

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