Flexa kleur van het jaar

The flexa color of the year has been chosen again! The color of the year 2022 is: Bright Skies. It is a light shade of blue: the color revitalizes and is good for the mind. It is a positive color that brightens up any interior. 

Flexa color of the year in the living room

Has your living room been converted into a dining area, chill area and workplace these days? Then certain colors can make you feel comfortable and soothing. Blue is one of those colors! With the blue color Bright Skies on the walls, you can be sure that you are keeping up with the latest interior trends!

Bright Skies in the bedroom

In addition to a comfortable and calming feeling, blue also radiates safety. Perfect for the bedroom. This way your night's sleep will be guaranteed! Tip! Don't you want to paint your entire bedroom blue? Then only paint the back wall where the bed is against. Thus, the blue color will not prevail in the bedroom.

Bright blue walls in the nursery

Doubts about which color walls in the nursery are a good match? You want to create a fun but also creative environment for your child. Bright Skies is a light but cheerful shade. Ideal for the children's room!

Bright Skies colors in wall decoration

The following designs fit in well with the flexa color of the year on the wall or his posters that have this beautiful blue color in the design:

 Blue wall decoration

water crash: these clear blue water waves provide peace of mind in your interior. This design combined with the flexa color of the year gives your home real beach vibes.

 Pulp fiction poster

Pulp fiction: John Travolta and Uma Thurman dancing in the restaurant where they do the twist during a dance competition. The iconic scene from the movie Pulp Fiction. This design is perfect for the real movie buffs!

 palm tree poster

Palms and blue: this cheerful design of palm trees and a beautiful blue sky complement the new one perfectly flexa color of the year

 flower poster

blue camellia: the camellia is a japanese rose that also blooms in winter! This way you can be present at an early stage and let this nice painting bloom in the garden as well as let it shine on the wall!

 Blue wall decoration

Medieval building: this architectural design will be a real eye-catcher in your interior. In combination with the Bright Skies color on the wall, you will follow the trends of the year 2022.


Learn more about the flexa color of the year? Check out Flexa's blog article.

With the flexa color of the year do you keep up with the interior trends of 2022!

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