Fotografische kunst

A picture paints a thousand words. Photographic art paints an image and evokes a certain feeling. This way you can go in countless directions, you can photograph everything in different unique ways and in different genres. Those who love photographic art will surely find a cool picture painting or other photographic art in the collections at Walljar find back.

Photographic art is for everyone

Since 'photographic art' is so broad and versatile, there is a certain genre for everyone that can be appreciated and found beautiful. In addition, photographic art suitable for use in all rooms, whether at home or at the office. For example, you can hang a picture painting of a landscape in the living room, or a ballerina in a girl's bedroom. 

De photographic art from Walljar

Walljar has several collections that can be considered under photographic art. Below are some featured collections!

Photographic art: vintage football prints

For the real football fan, Walljar has a collection of vintage photos. Great above the couch (in a home with football fans), at a football club, in a boys room, man cave or study or office room. There are many different prints of special moments in football history, which will be a real eye-catcher! Choose here your favorite from the vintage football collection. 
Photographic art

Photographic art: welcome to Marrakesh!

The popularity around the Marrakech interior and the Marrakech posters and prints is indispensable. Logically yes! Because who wouldn't want to get such a wonderful and sunny feeling out of his or her home? The typical Marrakech colors and prints give you a nice and cozy feeling at home. Walljar offers several photographic art from Marrakesh to. take here a look to see the entire collection. 

Photographic art: in the photography collection 

A collection full photographic art with all kinds of different prints, something for everyone! View various here photographic prints to brighten up your home or office.
Photographic art

Photographic art: your favorite city from the past

For vintage posters and prints from different cities in the Netherlands, you can take a look at the vintage cities collection. Here you will find several impressive photographic art back. A photographic poster or print with a vintage atmosphere immediately adds a lot to your home or office. The art is available in black and white, which goes with everything and gives the photo the same character. 

Curious about more than photographic art

Have you become enthusiastic about the photographic art from Walljar and are you curious about the rest of the posters and prints to finish your home or office? then click here


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