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Nowadays you see it more and more: living rooms or other spaces with a beautiful photo wall. Whether you want to create a photo wall on a large or small wall, everything is possible! Making a photo wall can be done in different ways. We have listed a few examples for you!

Making a photo wall: the different formations

Do you want a gift photo wall create with different photos and wall-art, but you can't figure out in which formation you want to do this? We help you with creative photo wall ideas for the wall and show in which formations you can wall decorations can hang. 

In addition to the different formations, we help you which schilderijen which formation is fun to use, as some extra inspiration!

1. Line it up! 

Are you looking for a tight formation? Paintings and hanging photos in a straight line is perfect! You can go in many directions with this formation. You could use 2 bigger ones schilderijen, or just 4 smaller ones. These factors depend on how big the room is and which way you want to go with it. 

Are you going a make a photo wall in a line formation, this fits especially well in the living room above the sofa or on a long, empty wall. The 'line formation' is one of the photo wall ideas that can be applied well in the living room, for example above the sofa, or on a long empty wall. Also in the hall you can have a nice make a photo wall! It doesn't matter whether you have a large or small hall, you just adjust the number schilderijen or photos to! Create photo wallWhich paintings do we use for the 'line it up' formation?

With the line it up formation it is very nice to take different posters from one collection in the same theme. For example, consider the abstract collection. You can choose three beautiful paintings that match each other nicely. Or from the Asia collection two or four cool posters, which will complement each other completely!

2. A Zig Zag make a photo wall

Do you want a make a photo wall approach differently than you often see? Hang your pictures or schilderijen in a zigzagging formation! What do we mean by this? Working with heights on the wall. So you hang one photo above the middle of the wall and the other a little below the middle, another at the same height as the first photo and so on. You get a bit of a 'high-low' effect. Do you want a make a photo wall and if you use this formation, it gives a playful effect and is slightly less 'basic' than normal! 

The Zig-Zag formation is cool to apply to a wall where there is room for it, as it takes several photos or paintings to create this formation. This formation looks very nice on a long hall!Photo formationsWhich paintings do we use in the 'Zig-Zag' formation?

Since the Zig-Zag formation is a 'busier' formation, it is fun in these formations schilderijen from multiple collections but with the same color theme. A number of beautiful collections to combine for a Zig-Zag formation are the Photos en typography collection for a modern and timeless effect!

3. One eye-catcher on the wall

Using a formation and a make a photo wall is a very nice idea and can give exactly the fill to your wall that you need! But if you want a calmer effect, you can also go for one eye-catcher on the wall! Then use 1 large painting for a robust effect. 

Depending on the wall on which you want to hang the eye-catcher, you choose your size! Do you have a small piece of wall that you would like to see filled? Then hang a small painting there! But do you have a lot of wall space to spare? Then its big schilderijen and works of art very cool.Create photo wallWhich paintings do we use for the 'eye-catcher' formation?

In most cases, an eye-catcher is a large work of art that completes the interior. That is why it is important that it painting fits well with the rest of the interior and continues what you want to radiate with the rest of the house. If you have a very sleek and clean interior, it might be nice to add some color. Actually, all paintings can be an eye-catcher. So discover our own collection page to see if there is something for you!

4. Mosaic make a photo wall

Would you like with multiple photos and schilderijen a make a photo wall? Then the mosaic formation is ideal. By this formation we mean a layout with different posters, in this way:Create photo wallThis formation is ideal for different walls and different sizes. Nice for above the sofa, on the toilet (in miniature) or on another empty wall that could use some nice padding.

Which paintings do we use in the 'mosaic' formation?

The nice thing about a mosaic make a photo wall, is that you can go wild with different schilderijen. Mix & match different things and you will create a very cozy wall! We are a big fan of a mix of the following collections together: the Morocco collection, Photos collection and the typography collection! View all collections to make your favorite mix! 

Do you go a make a photo wall

We hope you have enough inspiration have gained to own a photo wall to create! View here the entire range and send us a nice picture of your creative photo wall creation!

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