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Are you looking for gallery wall ideas then you're with walljar at the right place. In our photo walls we make combinations of designs from different collections, colors and sizes. This week a very cheerful photo wall: Art Has No Rules!

Photo wall ideas: The color palette 

When making a beautiful gallery wall, you want everything to fit together nicely. One way to do this is by choosing a particular color that will appear in every print or by choosing a color palette with colors that work well together. Another way to gallery wall ideas can be worked out by choosing a specific theme, as was done here in Photo wall Paris

Photo wall Art Has No Rules

If you are looking for gallery wall ideas with lots of color and text, then this gallery wall is just right for you. For gallery wall Art Has No Rules we opted for cheerful pastel colours. The posters in this gallery wall are: 

Art Has No Rules

However you want to dress up your wall, art has no rules. It's all up to you how you feel gallery wall ideas works out. This is emphasized by this print. The poster Art Has No Rules is central to this gallery wall. A cheerful light purple color in combination with soft yellow letters gives a cheerful but calm effect. 

Photo wall ideas

Sliced ​​Lemons II

In this colorful print you see a picture of sliced ​​lemons against a pink background. This poster fits well in a kitchen or dining room to brighten up the space. But of course this print also looks nice in other rooms if you like it there gallery wall ideas have for. 

Photo wall ideas

Live in the moment

In this gallery wall you will see many quotes. We love it! Especially on motivational quotes like Live in the moment† This gives you a signal to simply enjoy the moment you are experiencing now. More motivational gallery wall ideas† Be sure to read the blog 10x motivational quotes on the wall. 

Photo wall ideas

Girls Girls Girls 

Photo wall ideas boring with simple posters? Certainly not! That proves design Girls Girls Girls all the way. White and black-lined letters stand out as they are placed on a fun pink background, as do many of our white-framed designs. 

gallery wall ideas


We let the lemons come back one more time in this gallery wall. This time in an illustrated abstract form on a beautiful soft yellow background. That's design Lemons† For more gallery wall ideas in this fun illustrated style, view our collection abstract. 

Photo wall ideas


Then we have a short quote from the collection typography† Typographic prints are posters with text. We have inspiring and motivational texts as well as humorous texts. Quotes go well with many other types of prints. So are you looking for photo wall ideas, see if there is a nice quote in there. The purple color of print Nice looks very nice in combination with the pink and yellow colors from the rest of the gallery wall.

 gallery wall ideas

Photo wall ideas you can get it at Walljar!

With a collection of more than two thousand products is there enough to be found for a lot of fun gallery wall ideas† Do you find it difficult to think of something? Take a look at our photo walls page for inspiration. 

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