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A photo wall Making at home is the way to make your interior a little more personal. Combine beautiful posters with meaningful photos of family, friends or moments you have fond memories of. You can make a gallery wall in many different ways: in this blog we give you 6 tips so that you can create the most beautiful gallery wall! 

#1. Use different formats for your photo wall

Are you going a photo wall to make, then we recommend choosing different sizes of lists. So you can make a few big posters that really draw the attention, in combination with smaller ones posters. This creates a playful effect and brings your photo wall really alive! 

#2. In which room do you want a make a photo wall

First, think carefully about the room in which you photo wall want to create. In the living room, bedroom, the hall? Before you start with a make a photo wall, it is wise to have a place in mind. It is important that you choose a place where there is enough space on the wall and where you think the photos and posters best come into their own. Be creative with this! You will think that the living room is the best place, but you can also place a on the wall along the stairs make a photo wall!
Create a photo wallOnce you have chosen a room, you can choose the perfect dimensions for the photos and based on the amount of space posters. For example, are you going to make a photo wall in the toilet, then you obviously need much smaller dimensions than for a large wall in the living room. 

#3. What colors and style are you going for? 

Are you going a photo wall to make and if you want to create a beautiful whole, we advise you to make a clear choice in not only the style and colors of the photos and posters, but also the lists. Keep in mind that the colors and style match the rest of the interior. This way you can get a colorful photo wall but be careful not to curse with the rest. The thought behind a photo wall is that the different photos form one whole. Therefore choose photos and posters with the same color palette or from the same category. 
Create a photo wallIn terms of frames, you can go for different colors and styles for a playful effect, but we recommend not to do this. If you want to create a beautiful and sleek whole, a make a photo wall with our framed posters for a great result. 

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#4. Think of a composition

One of the most important steps involved in a make a photo wall, is devising a composition in advance. You can do this by making a sketch. Draw it out, or experiment with paper or cardboard to find out how the composition will look on your wall. In addition, there are also a number of useful apps that can help you compose the photo wall! Looking for a dose of inspiration? Discover here examples of our photo walls!

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#5. Keep the distance between the frames the same 

Important tip for a make a photo wall: Keep the distance between the lists the same. This will make your photo wall look sleek and neat, so take this tip into account when coming up with the composition! 

#6. Don't make it too full

Our last tip: don't overcrowd your walls. Do you have really bare walls then a photo wall a nice solution, but sometimes there are enough photos and schilderijen At home. When it is too full, you will notice that the room feels very restless. Of course you just want to come home with a nice feeling and relax. 

Do you go a make a photo wall

We hope you have gained enough inspiration and can get started right away with these tips! Collect your most beautiful photos and discover here posters you can use: a make a photo wall has never been so much fun! 

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