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When we talk about photo walls, we often talk about photo collages. You often see them in people's homes. Several photos on the wall, photos from school trips, vacations or family. They come in all shapes and sizes, organized or messy, on a bulletin board and sometimes even on a cable. There are endless options! Of course you can also use the posters and prints from Walljar create a gallery wall! In this article we give you some great tips about five types of gallery walls!

1. Standard photo walls

The standard photo wall is known to everyone, you hang a row of photos next to each other on the wall. However, you can differ in how you hang it. You can hang it in several ways:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Diagonal

Moreover, you can also differ between the photo frame sizes. For example, you can alternate a wide, long photo with a short, high photo. This way you will get one photo wall with a zigzag effect. 

You can of course also choose to put your posters in all kinds of different frames. You can change the color in the frames, but you can also give the frames different shapes such as a checkered or round frame, it is just what you like!

2. Photo walls on the stairs

Do you want to reminisce about that photo of your honeymoon or vacation when you walk up the stairs? Then the photo wall the decoration you are looking for on the stairs.

You can hang these photos step by step, this way you can see a nice photo at every step. Tip! Hang a poster or print of your favorite city from our on every step
cities collection!
Photo wall at the stairs

3. Ordered photo walls

Do you like the standard photo walls too messy? Then the ordered photo wall really something for you! With an ordered variant, you use the same photo frames with the same sizes and use colors from the same color palette. So you can just like the image below the prints from our plant species collection combine, these give a relaxing look to any room.

You can also sort your prints in chronological order based on certain events. This way you have a nice overview
photo wall. It creates a calm appearance. 
Organized photo wall

4. Decoration branches on the wall

An original idea for one photo wall is to attach a decorative branch to the wall and hang your photos on it. But how do you do that? 

Step 1: Choose a sturdy branch that matches your interior. You can possibly buy a decorative branch in the store. Do you want a cheaper option? Then you go into the forest and look for a suitable branch there.

Step 2: Grab a sturdy thread and attach your photos to it. Do this by placing the wire on the back of the photo.

Step 3: Reattach the wire to the branch with a good, tight knot in the wire! Of course you don't want your photos to fall off the branch!

Step 4: Attach your unique branch to the wall and voila! You have your own unique photo wall!

5. Paintings on shelves or cabinets

The last tip is to attach some shelves to the wall. Then you put your photos on the shelves. This way, you only need to drill two holes to hang the shelf. Then you can put multiple photo frames on it.

This way you can also place your paintings on cupboards, without any problems with holes in the wall. For example, place several colorful posters or prints from our flora collection!
floral canvas

Got some inspiration for photo walls?

Have you gained inspiration for photo walls and do you want to get started? Top! An extensive collection of original and unique prints is waiting for you, view our entire collection here !

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