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Whether you want to frame a single or multiple posters: it is important that the poster is nicely framed, otherwise it will look very messy. You found your new favorite poster at walljar. And especially with a prominent piece of decoration such as wall decoration, it should look neat and tidy. We don't want to see any edges and especially no waves! But how do you properly frame a poster? You can read all the tips for framing a poster in this blog!

framing posters at Walljar

At Walljar we sell our posters with list. If you already have a frame and have ordered a poster from us, this can cause the waves at the poster in the frame. With these tips you ensure that your poster fits perfectly in your frame!

Wrinkles, waves and distortions in your poster

Often framing small posters still good; the poster is strong in material and fits exactly in the frame. The bigger the poster, the harder it gets. During the frame poster creases and waves may appear when you try to put the poster into the frame. The poster may also be distorted. Waves can form in the poster immediately when you put the poster in the frame, but it can also develop on its own after a few months. This is of course a waste of the poster and is not the intention.

Cardboard background

To counter or prevent the creases, waves and distortions, a cardboard background works very well! Your frame poster goes through the easily poster on a thin cardboard layer. This makes the poster extra sturdy and so you don't get creases, waves and you prevent distortions. 

Tip! Do use photo glue, with other types of glue, glue spots can appear on the poster, which of course looks messy. In addition, the poster can later be removed from the cardboard layer without damage due to the photo glue! 
Frame Poster

To make the poster look neat on the cardboard layer, it is important that the photo glue is applied to the entire poster. So not just the corners, when you do this waves can still form. This takes a little extra time, but the result is totally worth it!

If you do not want to stick the poster to a cardboard background, there is another option to stick self-adhesive cardboard to the poster. The self-adhesive cardboard only needs to be cut to the size of the poster, then you're done! 

Walljar supplies frames with a cardboard background, so you don't have to worry about a poster with waves. Ideal!

Frame Poster with a passe partout 

A passe partout is a white frame around the poster made of thicker cardboard. It provides a calm look with more focus on the poster. Passe partouts are available separately, but you can also make them yourself. Due to the passe partout, the poster sits more firmly in the frame. Make sure you stick the poster to the passe partout. This can be done very easily by sticking an adhesive tape to the poster on the back of the passe partout.
Frame Poster

At Walljar we can also make a custom passe partout especially for you! Read our custom fit blog for all possibilities. 

Frame Poster done without waves!

A frame poster is not difficult at all, but it is important that this is done properly. A cardboard background ensures that there are no waves, creases and distortions in your poster. A passe partout also works to keep the poster nicely in the frame. Go quickly to our website and pick out your favorite posters to hang!

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