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Perhaps the most important place in the living room: the sitting area! This is the place where you can relax on the couch after a long day with a nice cup of tea. If you want to know how best to furnish the seating area, read on!

1. Choose the right bank

What is important before you start furnishing the seating area is that you have measured everything neatly. This way you can never buy a sofa that is too large for a space that is too small. In addition, it is best to choose a living style that you can completely identify with. This way you prevent a bad buy and that certainly saves costs, especially when purchasing something as large as a sofa.

Step 1: Two-seater, three-seater or corner sofa?
The first step when choosing a sofa is whether you go for a two-seater, three-seater or corner sofa. Take a good look at the dimensions, sofas look a lot smaller in the showroom than in your living room.

Step 2: What kind of design?
The second step is choosing the design, do you go for fabric or leather? Think about convenience, do you have children who constantly mess on the couch? Then it is better to go for an easily removable leather sofa. Do you want to lie cozy and comfortable on the couch? Then go for a nice soft fabric sofa.

Step 3: View from the couch
Place your sofa so that you look out on a quiet environment! Don't overlook a cluttered workplace or kitchen. This way you will experience a lot more peace when you plop down on the couch. 

Set up seating area

2. Choose a rug

When you have furnish seating area not only furniture is considered, the accessories are also important to create a whole. When choosing a rug, it is also important that you first measure what size rug you need. Go for a rug that partly still fits under the sofa, so you will never suffer from cold feet in the winter. In addition, a rug is also a great way to improve the acoustics in the house. When you put down a rug, it will reverberate less in the house. 

Are you going for a busy design or a calm color? If you want more focus on the sofa, it's best to go for a quieter design. If you want to attract attention with your rug, go for a nice colored print.
Set up seating area

3. Setting up a seating area: a side table 

Are you going for a round or square side table? And for one or more tables next to each other. With several smaller tables you will create a playful effect in the seating area. In addition, it is also very user-friendly because you can easily move the tables closer. Or do you go for a single classic table, on which you can store a lot of things, including a number of nice home accessories. Read more about the home accessories in a sitting area below.
Set up seating area

4. Home accessories

Perhaps one of the most important things to furnish seating area really fun to make: home accessories! Without a candle, photo frame or cushions, your seating area will look a lot less cozy. Nowadays it is completely hip to have a fat photo wall create above the couch. Choose wall decoration that suits your living style and make your wall unique. Below are some of our favorite living room posters:

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Wall decoration Wall decoration abstract Moroccan wall decoration Abstract line art Wall decoration

Set up seating area done with these tips!

When you have chosen the right sofa, rug and side table, you can choose the wall decoration. Walljar has a wide collection with the nicest wall decorations. Check it out here !