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Do you want your game room like to decorate? Then wall decoration in your game room is a fantastic addition! You can hang a beautiful wall decoration of your favorite game, a nice motivational poster or perhaps a poster of your favorite football club. There are endless possibilities!

The best motivational texts for you game room

A nice motivational text on the wall is a very popular trend. A fun motivational poster reminds you of your passion for the game you love to play. In addition, with texts like ''Rule number 1, don't be number 2'' show what kind of person you are and what kind of attitude you have. 
game roomSo of course you have the people who just like to play for fun, but you also have the real diehards who want to win every match at all costs and where a 2nd place is never good enough. leave with your wall decoration so see what kind of person you are! The casual or the real diehard. 

Casual game room posters

For the casual players, for example, there is the poster ''Slow progress is still progress'' which is a reference to not always having to win, but making some progress every now and then is also fine.

Posters for the try harder

For the try harders the posters are ''If you don't play to win, don't play at all'' or ''beast mode'' the recommendations. These emphasize the fact how important it is to you to win and that it is better to play for the win or not to participate. 

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Wall decoration from your favorite football club

Are you a real FIFA or PES fan? Then you definitely love football. In that case it's nice to wall decoration from your favorite football club. Walljar has almost every Dutch football club wall decoration
game roomWe have photos of your favorite football teams, but not only that, we have also captured all important goals, promotions and championships for you on wall decoration. You can even find your club's stadium in our cities collection!

Do you have your wall decoration game room found it?

Are you inspired enough to buy wall art for your game room? Then it is time to take action now! Order yours now wall decoration at Walljar!