Slowly but surely we are getting closer to summer. You can bake in the sun again, relax in the lounge set, drink wine or play games in the garden. The garden is a great place to spend your time when the sun shows its warm rays and therefore it should also be cozy. A tree here, a flower there, another lounger and not to forget... garden paintings!

Of course you have to take a few things into account when you use the Outdoor want to make something cozier with garden paintings. We are happy to help you with that. From the right materials to inspiration, after reading this blog you are already well on your way! 

The right material for your garden

If you have one painting hangs in the Outdoor then it is the intention that he will hang there for a longer period of time. Considering the fact that we live in the Netherlands you never know what kind of weather you can expect, what that means you painting wind, rain, heat waves, snow showers, hail and storms must be able to cope with all year round. So choose the right materials! 

Canvas as garden paintings

Canvas has a stiff and strong texture, traditionally made from hemp fibers. The canvas at Walljar is moisture resistant and therefore fits well in the Outdoor! We do recommend applying a special coating so that it can withstand all weather conditions without any problems. If you are interested in the coating, please communicate it to us! However, canvas cannot tolerate being left in the sun for a long time. It is therefore better to hang the canvas in the shade or under a roof. 

Canvas is a great option for hanging garden paintings. Would you like to learn more about the canvas we sell? Look here For more information!

Plexiglass as garden paintings

Plexiglass is a transparent clear sheet made of plastic. Because the prints are printed directly on the back of the plastic, a smooth and glossy layer is created which looks great. Plexiglass can withstand water well, making it a perfect fit in the garden or on the wall of your balcony! 

Are you looking for garden paintings of high quality, plexiglass is a good option. Want to know more about plexiglass? Then take a look here !

Need garden paintings inspiration?  

When you think of the garden, you probably think of it green, flowers, butterflies... A botanical garden simply gives you a great feeling when you spend your time here. You can strengthen this feeling with botanical garden paintings!

You probably prefer to dream away to a beautiful vacation spot when you catch those wonderful sun rays in you Outdoor. Garden paintings with landscapes therefore fit perfectly into the Outdoor and give you a real holiday feeling! 

In addition, personalizing garden paintings a great option. For example, take a nice family photo or another cool snapshot that you have taken and have it printed on your desired material. You can there here find out more about it! 

Be sure to check out our others collections to see what really suits you. 


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