Geel interieur

With a yellow products you are always assured of a cheerful atmosphere at home. Colors have a major influence on the atmosphere of a room. Because yellow is a color that is often associated with the sun, summer, energy and happiness, it is also a color that makes many happier. Would you like to transform your current interior into a yellow interior? We have listed a few tips for you!

A yellow interior apply to different styles

Curious if a yellow interior would suit your interior style? You can actually use yellow in any interior style. Watch! 

A yellow interior with retro style

A retro interior is characterized by the vintage, old-fashioned yet cheerful style. Yellow goes really well with this style. Mustard yellow in particular fits perfectly because it goes so well with the wooden, orange and green tones that you see a lot in a retro interior! 
Yellow interior

A yellow interior at Scandinavian style

De scandinavian style often has soft colors and a generally calming atmosphere. Precisely because so much use is made of soft colors, you can give your Scandinavian interior style a nice twist with yellow. 
Yellow interior

A yellow interior at industrial style

Just one industrial interior can use the color yellow well. An industrial interior can sometimes lack some warmth and fleur. When you return yellow in the form of home accessories or a yellow wall, an industrial interior has even more atmosphere! Yellow also fits perfectly with the rustic black, wooden and metal elements. 

A yellow interior with modern style

A modern interior often has a clean, sleek and not too crazy look. Immediately yellow interior make this style a bit more playful, so that the whole will look very cool. For example, add a yellow chair or other yellow accessories!
Yellow interior

A yellow interior: which shade are you going for?

Yellow comes in different hues, with each hue having a different feel and mood. Do you want for a yellow interior but don't know which shade of yellow to choose? We name a few. 

Bright yellow

Bright yellow is a color that really stands out and with which you can really make a statement. An accessory or piece of furniture in a bright yellow color can therefore be a very cool eye-catcher. So if you want something that stands out, choose bright yellow! 

Pale yellow

Pale yellow includes lemon yellow and pastel yellow. They are somewhat softer colors, but very fresh and lively. For example, they fit well in a lighter room and provide a refreshing contrast in a products with dark colors such as dark blue.

warm yellow

With warm yellow colors you should think of mustard, curry and ocher yellow. These shades have a warm appearance and unlike the other shades, they provide more coziness rather than freshness and vibrancy. 

Ways to get a yellow interior to realize

There are several ways you can make yellow come back in your products. We have listed 5 ways for you! 

#1. An yellow interior with a yellow wall

Do you want for a yellow interior then painting an entire wall yellow is a bold way to go about this. Because yellow is a light color, the light that enters will be reflected, making everything appear lighter and more spacious. Is a full wall too much? Then you can also give a part of the wall a yellow color!
Yellow interior

#2. An yellow interior with a yellow chair

Do you want a yellow interior, but do you want to take it just a little less extreme? Then consider a piece of furniture in a yellow color, such as a chair or a table. A yellow piece of furniture will work as a eye-catcher and really stand out! 
Yellow interior

#3. An yellow interior with a yellow plaid

If you find purchasing a piece of furniture in such a striking color just a bit too exciting, you can keep the furniture neutral and opt for yellow accessoiries like a yellow plaid over the sofa!
Yellow interior

#4. An yellow interior using a rug

Every house has a lot more atmosphere when there is a nice rug. It provides warmth and turns a part of your interior into a whole. Do you want for a yellow interior If you want to go out and bring the sun into your home, go for a yellow rug! Make sure that the rest of the furniture is a bit more neutral colors so it doesn't get too crowded. 

#5. An yellow interior with yellow home accessories

Would you like to try out whether yellow is really something for you before making some major changes to your interior? Then you can do that by different home accessories available in the color yellow. Think of candles, pillows, flowers or yellow vases. In addition, yellow wall decoration is also very cool! Look at this for example sunflower painting!
Yellow interior

A yellow interior: what color combinations are there?

Do you want for a yellow interior to go? You can combine yellow well with other colors! We show you some beautiful color combinations. 

A yellow interior combined with black

Does your interior mainly consist of black and white furniture and accessories? It could probably use some cheerful colors. Yellow in a black space creates a very nice contrast. Especially when you opt for a bright yellow color, this really stands out! 
Yellow interior

A yellow interior combined with green

Yellow is in itself quite a natural color, so a combination with green really good match. This can be done with green walls, furniture or simply with plant!   

A yellow interior combined with blue

A yellow interior combined with blue colors will always look great. It doesn't matter which shade of blue you choose, from pastel blue to deep sea blue, the combination with yellow provides a beautiful result.
Yellow interior

A yellow interior combined with gray

Where most other colors really make yellow pop, gray actually weakens the effect of yellow. This is especially perfect when you want a quiet and minimalist interior want, but long for some color. For example, yellow cushions on a gray sofa is a real match. 
Yellow interior

A yellow interior combined with pink 

Pink in combination with yellow has a soft, sweet appearance. You can hardly go wrong with this one. For example, combine different colored chairs, cushions or other decorations with yellow and pink for a beautiful yellow interior!
Yellow interior

Ready to be one yellow interior to create?

Is a yellow interior is it really something you want to go for? We hope to have inspired you enough with this blog! Are you still looking for unique wall decoration for your interior? Discover here all our posters!