Gele wanddecoratie

In the Netherlands it is often gray and unsociable weather, which can also affect our mood. Therefore bring the sun into your home with the yellow wall decoration from Walljar! This immediately gives the entire wall a warm appearance and makes you happy too. In this blog you can read everything about our yellow wall decoration!

Yellow stands for positivity!

The color yellow symbolizes warmth, happiness, joy and coziness. Or a lot of positivity! Of course you want to have that in your home, and that starts with our wall decoration. Here you can therefore read suitable yellow wall decoration for your house:

1. The new trend: yellow wall circles

At Walljar we have an extensive collection of wall circles. You see this new trend more and more often in different interiors because it gives a new and above all original twist to every interior! This is how this one Larkspur III by William Morris in the round shape quite literally the sun in the house. 

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Yellow wall decoration

2. Vacation on your wall!

You are on the beach. You see the waves of the sea, a number of palm trees and the sun slowly sets. This sounds like a wonderful holiday, but you can just have it hanging on your wall! Thus takes the Brejo Grande, Brazil wall decoration takes you all the way to this beautiful beach with the sunset. Ideal yellow wall decoration So!

Yellow wall decoration

3. Palm trees for the tropical atmosphere

Bring the tropical atmosphere into your home with a wall decoration with palm trees on it! This is how you see at the Silhouette Palm Trees poster the beautiful contours of the palm tree with the leaves and a beautifully colored sky. 

Yellow wall decoration

4. Done with the bundle in one go

You're done with a bundle in one go! This one Gray Tones Mountains collection consists of a triptych painting with yellow and gray tones. Here you can see a landscape in an abstract way. 

Yellow wall decoration

5. Bright flower

Are you looking for artistic yellow wall decoration for your wall? Then the Close-up Yellow Flower perfect for you! Due to the black background, the focus is entirely on the yellow leaves. This way the flower comes into its own!

Yellow wall decoration

6. Gustav Klimt on the wall

The Symbolist artist Gustav Klimt has several successful yellow wall decoration created. Such is the Portrait Of Adele Bloch-Bauer I the gold tones make it a work of art which is a real eye-catcher in every home. 

Yellow wall decoration

7. Artistic Sunflowers

A work of art that we all know is Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh. That way you don't hang alone yellow wall decoration on the wall, but also a work of art and a bouquet of sunflowers at the same time!

Yellow wall decoration

8. Inspirational quote for extra motivation

Hang an inspiring quote on your wall like yellow wall decoration† So is the live in the moment wall decoration a motivational poster. The yellow background not only makes you happy, but you also realize that you should really enjoy living in the moment. 

Yellow wall decoration

9. Bring the desert home

In the background you see a clear blue sky, in the foreground the desert. With the Desert Blue Sky poster you bring the desert into your home as a yellow wall decoration! Of course you want those oriental atmospheres hanging on the wall.

Yellow wall decoration

10. Give your kitchen a new look

Yellow wall decoration You also want to have it hanging in the kitchen! You do this by choosing your favorite yellow fruit piece. Hang this one for example Peeled banana This will immediately make you want a banana. Or at the Sliced ​​Lemons lemons are displayed in an artistic way. 

Tip:: create the Photo wall Lemons for a refreshing and cozy photo wall!
Yellow wall decoration

Now hang the yellow wall decoration on your wall!

Whether you choose yellow wall circles, holiday posters, flower posters or kitchen posters: at Walljar we have an extensive range of yellow wall decoration† Choose your favorite poster and hang it on your wall. This way you are guaranteed to be happy again!