Groene wanddecoratie

The color green represents balance and growth, it is a secondary color that is often seen in art. In the world of art, this color is used to represent nature and health. Green wall decoration is therefore calming and natural. 

From nature photos to the famous painters William Morris and Henri Rousseau. Check out how with us green wall decoration can brighten up your interior.

Bring nature into your home

A combination of yellow and blue: the color green. From pastel green, mint green, to camouflage green and forest green. These shades radiate mother nature's natural beauty. From forests, trees and landscapes to plants and palm trees. A piece of nature in the house certainly can't hurt and will have a calming effect in your interior. One of our nicest designs is: ''green forest''. This is a real eye-catcher in any interior. Find your favorite green wall decoration from in nature collection.

Green wall decoration

Seeking adventures

If you are a real adventurer, you have certainly already been to beautiful mountain areas. For example, how about the ''Machu Picchu'': the lost city of the Incas. The Machu Picchu is located in the South American country of Peru, and means ''old mountain''. It is one of the most important religious shrines of the Inca culture because it is surrounded by mountains, water channels and temples. All this could be put to good use for agriculture. Have you ever been here? Then hang this beautiful green wall decoration on your wall!

Green wall decoration

Balance and growth

Green is the color of balance and growth, so you can also find balance in nature in the next work of art. Henri Rousseau's designs fit in well with this green theme. In the design ''The dream'' you see a mysterious jungle with different kinds of lotus flowers. There is a naked woman who extends her arm to lions. You can also see snakes, birds, monkeys and an elephant in this artwork. Henri Rousseau was inspired by a French botanical garden. Walljar has given this painting a new look and is therefore the perfect green wall decoration for your interior.

Green wall decoration

Abstract art from nature

In this design by ''green rivers'' you see the beautiful flow of a green river. Together with the white and gray tones, you can let your imagination run wild in this work of art. Discover all our new styles that are full of creative energies. 

Green wall decoration

Let green wall decoration return to your interior!

The color green gives any interior dimension and atmosphere. Curious how you can make this green color come back in your home through wall decoration? Ontdek eleven green wall decoration now!

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