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Green continues to be a popular color in interiors. When you enter a place with a green wall, it immediately gives a feeling of safety, relaxation and calm. And there are so many different colors of green that everyone can find a nice green shade to create a beautiful green interior. Are you watching this week's prints? 

A green interior

When you have green interior you quickly think of getting a lot of house plants or painting a wall in a beautiful green color. Less quickly do you think about getting a green interior to create with the help of wall decoration. Good wall decoration completes any interior. 

Photo wall: Green Goodness

A green interior inspired us to make this gallery wall. For inspiration, we at Walljar share the best photo walls every week. This week it's Photo Wall Green Goodness. A perfect match with different designs for one green interior. This gallery wall contains the following prints: 

The category Botanical posters 

The category Botanical Posters is full of a variety of flower and plant posters that are a nice addition to a green interior. Two designs from this collection that we have selected for Photo wall Green Goodness are the beautiful photo Eucalyptus and the illustration Helianthus Annuus 

Green interior

Abstract botanical in a green interior

You will not only find botanical prints in the Botanical posters collection, but also in the collection Abstract† For this photo wall for in a green interior do we have the abstract painting Botanical selected. A beautiful calming painting with a botanical look. This print can also be combined well with other abstract posters. 

Green interior

An artful green interior

Highly recommended for a green interior is the Japanese Footbridge by French painter Claude Monet. This print from the collection Famous painters is a nice addition to a green interior† This collection also includes works by Paul Klee, Vincent van Gogh, Ohara Koson and many other famous painters. 

Green interior

from nature

A print of a beautiful photo cannot be missed in a green interior. We have chosen for the photo wall Waterfall by a cliff† The colors in this print look very nice in a green interior and in addition you emphasize the zen feeling of a green interior

Green interior

Type it out

Finally, we have for in a green interior opted for a print from the typography collection. In photo wall Green Goodness, the simple design of print ensures Peace for balance. Let your interior speak with typography. In the collection typography you will find prints with inspiring and motivational texts. 

Green interior

Photo wallpaper for a green interior

Did you know that we also sell (self-adhesive) photo wallpaper? We also have beautiful variants in a green interior† For photo wallpaper inspiration you can view our range or read the blog Featured collection: Jungle Wall Murals† Jungle Wallpaper is perfect to create a green interior to create. 

Shop everything at once!

Totally wanted a green interior to create? Combine art, abstract, botanical and typography prints for a diverse gallery wall. To make it easy, we have included all the prints in Photo wall Green Goodness are mentioned together. 

Photo walls