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The world is going green and so should your office. Plants and decorations make your office feel more alive, increase productivity and purify the air. Read on to learn how to create a green office!

Environmentally friendly green office to create

Creating an eco-friendly office doesn't have to be difficult at all. Just follow these few simple steps to create a thriving outdoor oasis in your own office. By plants and decorations to the office, you improve the environment, increase employee productivity and create a lively atmosphere in the workspace. Who doesn't want that? So grab that watering can and create an eco-friendly green office with these simple steps!
Green office

Plants increase productivity and purify the air 

First, choose what kind of plants you want to add to the office. There are so many different plants that are a great asset to the office space. Keep in mind that you want a plant that not only looks good, but also purifies the air. We have the most air purifying plant that are most suitable for a green office summarized for you:

  • Spathiphyllum sensation 
  • Ficus Aliic
  • Chlorophytum
  • nephrolepis
  • Aloë Vera
  • Rhapis excelsa
  • robust ficus 
  • Nephrolepis obliterate
  • Dracaena Janet Craig
  • Areca palm 

Don't forget to take care of the plants!

Then choose where you want to place the plants. Make sure they have enough sunlight and water for the plant's needs. Third, make sure to feed and care for your plants regularly! Water them every day or every two days, depending on their size. Remember when you water a plant: don't water it too much!

Fun fact: did you know that office plants provide:

  • 52% fewer eye complaints and irritations)
  • 43% fewer respiratory problems
  • 12% fewer lung diseases

Green office

Wall decorations for a green office

Plants: check! Then find out what kind of decoration works best for a green office. Wall decorations are a great way to add life and color to any space. Decorate your walls with inspirational quotes or pictures of nature to create a more zen-like atmosphere. 

Wall decorations for an eco-friendly home office include plants or other green landscapes. These wall accents will not only help improve the environment but also increase productivity by providing inspiration as you work from day to day!

Finally, remember that plants and decorations don't have to be expensive! Just find something simple like a potted plant from the supermarket or some posters and you've created an eco-friendly atmosphere!

Turn your workspace into a green office!

So what are you waiting for? Buy some plants and decorations in and increase the productivity of your employees!