Groene schilderijen

Green, the color of life, renewal, nature and energy. The color brings life to your living room and makes you happy. The soothing and relaxing green paintings can make you completely relax at home when you plop down on the couch after a hard day at work. 

Alternative to plants

Do you happen to be someone who always forgets to water your plants? Don't worry! You will never have dead plants if you flowers paintings or a plant painting buys. Order yours now green paintings and complete your home!

Green paintings in your interior!

Green paintings give your living room life. There are many ways and different colors of green to use in your interior. You can place some plants here and there in your interior. But of course you can also paint a wall green or place a green piece of furniture in your interior. In addition, you can also think of a beautiful green wall decoration of, for example, a landscape, flower or plant. Below we have highlighted a number of green paintings from our collections:

1. Landscapes paintings

Green paintings

Are you crazy about traveling and do you like to see the most beautiful landscapes? Then the ''Northern Lights Skagsanden Beach'' from our landscapes collection a wonderful green painting for you! Discover the collection now!

2. Flower paintings

Green paintings

Do you like colored prints? the ''Syringa vulgaris'' from Walljar flowers collection is a beautiful floral painting with green tones. These green paintings fit perfectly in the living room! 


3. Plant paintings

Green paintings  

Are you someone who is more into plant posters? Then we recommend the ''Leaf Water Drops'' from our plants collection On. This is a striking print with lots of greenery and details!

Green furniture and walls

Green furniture gives your home more warmth and life. It combines well with white/brown furniture and walls. This enhances the cozy feeling of a living room or bedroom!

If we look at the walls, you can paint them green just fine. Dark green makes the room very cozy and cozy. Light green provides more light in the room and is less dominant. The light green makes the room appear larger and more lively. 

The nice thing about the color green, in contrast to other colors, is that you can match many other colors with it. This way you can match almost any color with green, even pink and other shades of green! So there are plenty of options that you can choose to brighten up your living room. Choose what best suits your interior!

Do you also love the color green?

Order your green paintings in the collections wall decoration VAN Walljar! The paintings are available on poster, canvas and plexiglass.