Grote wanddecoratie

The oh-so-known problem in humans. They dare to take up the challenge to finally tackle that empty wall, but do not know where to hang a large wall decoration on their wall. That is no problem at Walljar! We got you! We help you find the right size for your wall and give you all the tips and tricks you need! See also some fun ideas here!

Ideal large wall decoration at the dining table

A wall decoration at the dining table you almost always hang on the long side of the table. This must therefore be a large work of art or a diptych or triptych of several works of art. This is the only way to create the right proportions with the dining table. A work of art should never be wider than the table! This is really a no go! If you choose one large wall decoration, try to keep a width of ⅔ from your table. 

For the diptych or triptych it is nice to choose a theme or to choose works of art that flow into each other. Everything matches perfectly and you have a
photo wall that will impress everyone. 

Do you want one now? painting hang it on the short side of the table? Then it is useful for a vertical painting so that the size fits well with the short side of the table.

Which size fits well with the sofa?

De wall decoration that you hang at the sofa should always hang at a specific height. It is important that between the bank and the wall decoration there is still some space, 30 cm to 45 cm is the way to go here. The reason you should do this is so that the space doesn't look too cramped. It remains so clear and spacious.
Large wall decoration
For the size of the wall decoration itself it is important that it is not too big, but also not too small. you don't want small wall decoration since it is only one of the accessories in the interior and it disappears a bit in the rest of your interior. When you have a too large wall decoration it can be too overpowering and out of proportion with the rest of the interior. 

The right size for a wall decoration above the sofa is therefore 2/3 to 3/4 of the size of your own sofa. So is the wall decoration not too big, not too small and it fits flawlessly into your interior. 

What am I hanging in my hallway?

Do you have a large hall? Then you can of course hang a large size wall decoration! But in front of the hall is a big wall decoration generally not so suitable because the hall is not always the largest room in the house. It is better to hang some smaller paintings here. 

The best idea is to have several small paintings to hang next to each other so that you get a gallery-like shape. For example, you can hang several portraits next to each other or create a theme such as animals or flowers. This is how the schilderijen excellent together. 

What is also a nice option is to make a panorama shape and here a nice one photo wall to make of it. So you have several small schilderijen side by side that together form a beautiful whole.

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Artwork in the bedroom 

In the bedroom there must be a large wall decoration. The wall decoration should definitely not be too small here. This would disturb the proportion of the interior. In this case it is a wall decoration at the head of the bed. You can of course use a smaller painting hang on another wall in the bedroom. 

Large wall decoration

The painting at the head of the bed must therefore be at least 120 cm. Look out! This applies to a double bed! For a single bed half applies of course. You can put some space between the bed and the painting but this is not necessarily necessary. Do you want to do this anyway? Then keep about 20 cm. See also this large wall decoration above the bed.

Some people choose to mega large wall decoration to be placed behind the bed the size of the entire wall. This is a cool idea, especially if you have a big theme painting like the jungle or a world map. Be careful, because such a species wall decoration is very dominant and actually determines the layout of the rest of the bedroom. So first check if this suits your taste!

You now know where to hang it, now the large wall decoration myself yet!

Now that you know all about the size of yours wall decoration, it's time to buy your artwork. So now view the collections from Walljar and find your favorite design!

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