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If ever thought of large wall decoration† There are several ways to add decoration to your interior. Of large wall decoration create a real eye-catcher in your home. At Walljar you can choose from different variations, such as large-sized plexiglass, canvas paintings, posters and photo wallpaper. These are available in different sizes. So you can also choose to large wall decoration to go.

Large wall decoration on plexiglass

In addition to photo wallpaper as large wall decoration do we have too paintings on plexiglass in different formats. Plexiglass has the advantage that the colors come out very nice and clear. The paintings are printed on a three millimeter plate and have a smooth finish. Large wall decoration on plexiglass is suitable for hanging indoors as well as outdoors. Available in various sizes up to 120 x 180 centimetres. 

Large wall decoration

Tip: Not sure which size fits your home? Then take old newspapers or paper and stick it on the wall with painter's tape in different sizes. This way you can see which size fits your home. 

Large wall decoration all over the wall

Go big! With us photo wallpaper give your room a completely different look. We have an extensive range of photo wallpaper. Our photo wallpaper is odorless, waterproof and of high quality. And, not unimportantly, easy to apply. At Walljar we also have a collection Self-adhesive photo wallpaper.

Is your favorite destination Africa? Photo Wallpaper Hear Africa is a beautiful image of two elephants at a setting sun. The yellow and orange tones immediately give you a warm feeling and you imagine yourself completely in African atmospheres.

Large wall decoration

Or would you rather dream away in a soothing forest, such as this large wall decoration Self-adhesive photo wallpaper Mountain Forest (Sepia)† The sepia tones are extra soothing. All our photo wallpapers are available in different sizes. the regular photo wallpaper goes up to 450 x 315 centimeters and the self-adhesive photo wallpaper goes up to a size of 441 x 315 centimeters. 

Large wall decoration

Large wall decoration on posters

You can also order our posters in large format. Posters we have up to a size of 120 x 180 cm. How about a life-size work by a famous painter from our collection Famous painters† Add a lot of color at once with Southern Gardens by Paul Klee, but also The Milkmaid from Vermeer you can buy from us as great wall decoration.

Large wall decoration

Extra option for large wall decoration

If you prefer not to choose but ééOne image as a large wall decoration, you can also choose a combination of several images. With this you create your personal large wall decoration† For inspiration you can look at our page with photo walls. 

What size? 

you would like large wall decoration, but you're not quite sure how big this should be. We have a few tips for that:

  • In principle, the two third rule applies to a poster, plexiglass or canvas painting. The wall decoration should not be larger than two thirds of, for example, the sofa it hangs above. So if your sofa is 225 centimeters, you make sure that you large wall decoration does not exceed 150 centimeters. 
  • Do you have a completely bare wall? The wall decoration may take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the wall. Wall murals are of course very nice on the entire wall. 
  • Look carefully at the room in which you want large wall decorations. You don't want to go too big in a relatively small space. Conversely, you do not want your wall decoration to disappear in a large room. 

Shop yours here large wall decoration

Whether you go for stylish photo wallpaper over your entire wall, a beautiful poster or life-size Plexiglas painting, you will certainly find the large wall decoration for your home in one of our collections.