Hal decoratie

Hallway decoration can make a big difference to the look of your home, and there are many different ways to do it. You don't have to be an expert designer or have expensive art. You just need some creativity and common sense! In this article we look at how best to organize the space in the hallway, and we give ideas for decorations that work well in the hallway.

practical hall decoration

In hal you could use some practical help. Think of storage, nice light and practical cupboards. Below we have listed a number of practical decorations:

Storage is absolutely indispensable in the hallway. By providing sufficient storage space in the form of cupboards, boxes and baskets, you can ensure that the look in the hallway always remains neat and tidy. Choose beautiful storage options so that these practical items are also stylish.

Shoe cabinets
A shoe cabinet is very useful for neatly storing shoes. Choose a copy that you can close to keep it tidy.

key trays
A key tray is the place to keep your keys. Always leave your keys here when you enter. You can also opt for a small wall cabinet with hooks in which you hang your keys every day.

Coat hangers
You will also find a coat rack in every hallway. This is where you hang your coat when you enter. Usually the coat rack is combined with storage in which gloves and scarves can be stored.

High furniture
For a more spacious hall, you can use high furniture. This will immediately make your space look bigger! A traditional style built-in wardrobe can also make sense.

Hall decoration

A small table and mood lighting as hall decoration

De hal is an ideal place to place a small narrow table, desk or chest of drawers where you can place your small items such as keys and mail upon entry. We all know what it's like to come home after a long trip through the city loaded with bags, scarves, gloves and keys. And how wonderful is it to immediately have a place where you can place all these things?

And let's talk about the lighting. We usually have a bright ceiling lamp in the hall that is also practical when you want to look at yourself in the mirror. But also warm mood lighting along edges (for example under your stairs!) or in the form of lamps on the table can add a lot here. 

Art hall decoration

The addition of art in the hallway, this space can give a particularly stylish touch. You can also emphasize your personality and style with this. Make an impression with a particularly abstract work or a realistic image. A beautiful photo can also make an elegant statement in the hallway or hallway. Take a look at our personalized posters page.

The beauty of decorating your hall with wall art is that you can choose what comes in. So you don't have to choose a strict theme! That said, some types of collections work better than others. If possible, hang the art on the same white or off-white walls (which gives them more contrast and looks neater). 

Mirrors in the hall

A mirror is not only very practical but also a very nice decoration. Opt for a beautiful large, decorative mirror that will give your hallway a particularly elegant accent. For example, choose a classic black frame or a striking gold frame around your mirror!
Hall decoration

Flowers as hall decoration

A beautiful vase with flowers can be a beautiful detail in the hal. Place a vase on a cabinet in the hallway and make sure you always have a bunch of fresh flowers in it. You can of course also opt for dried flowers or artificial flowers. This will immediately give your visitors a warm welcome!

Rugs in the hall

An elegant rug literally provides a warm and atmospheric welcome. Choose an elongated or round rug for a special effect. You can opt for a quiet pattern if you already have a busy hall. But could your hall use some extras? Then choose a nice colored print on your rug. Persian rugs are a big favorite of ours!

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