Schilderijen ophangen zonder boren

When you order a poster, canvas or plexiglass design from us, the most obvious thing is to hang it on the wall. However, you can also give paintings a place in your home without drilling! In this blog we give 6 tips for displaying paintings without drilling. 

#1 On the ground

Je painting put on the ground instead of to hang on the wall? Hell yes! It may sound a bit weird, but it can actually be very stylish! This way of styling works best with large schilderijen. To prevent it from looking like you haven't had time you to hang a painting and so have just placed it on the floor, you can decorate the place with some other decorations. Consider, for example, some plants. Easy your hang paintings without drilling! Hanging paintings without drilling

#2 Hanging without drilling: on a shelf 

Having shelves on the wall is a must-have and gives your home real character. This applies not only to the living room, but also to the bedroom or bathroom. You can have different decorations on it, such as plants, candles, a clock and of course schilderijen!

When you don't have a plank yet wall you have to attach it first and this requires some drilling. Do you already have shelves on your wall, then this is a nice way to wall decoration to exhibit: easy your hang paintings without drilling

#3 On the windowsill 

Do you have a windowsill at home? If yes, did you know that this is a perfect place for you schilderijen? A windowsill, the shelf by the window, is often forgotten to decorate. Especially when you're looking for a way to schilderijen to exhibit without them on the wall to hang or to drill into the walls, decorating the windowsill is a real go. It is a place where a lot of light comes in, so place a plant next to it and your bare windowsill is transformed into a cozy spot!

#4 On the heating

Many people still have a standard old-fashioned heating system at home. They don't look special. Fortunately, this is easy to fix: decorate it! This way you can choose one or more schilderijen places so that it immediately has a different look and feel. If it is a bit unstable, you can place a shelf on it first. A creative solution for hanging paintings without drilling!

#5 Hanging without drilling: on a cupboard 

Another easy way for you hanging wall decoration paintings without drilling, is to place it on a cupboard. Every house has several cupboards in which you can playfully decorations can put down. Make use of the space on and around a cabinet and place different schilderijen, from big to small! 
Hanging paintings without drilling

#6 Adhesive Strips

A hang a painting without drilling can be done very easily with adhesive strips. These are available in many places and are not that expensive! Adhesive strips generally work very well, don't you? hang a painting without drillingBut read the reviews carefully first. Of course you don't want a beautiful framed poster and that it then breaks because you bought the wrong adhesive strips. 

Drilling or hanging without drilling

What are you going for? Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options, with and without drilling. If you are still looking for fun wall decoration, then watch here our entire range! 

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