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Hokusai poster fit nicely with your interior if you like Japanese atmospheres. They are real gems for the wall. These posters are also nice to combine with typography posters. You can read more about this in this blog.

Katsushika Hokusai: Japanese artist

For the Hokusai poster uses the beautiful work of Katsushika Hokusai, one of the most famous Japanese artists. His artwork 'The Great Wave' of Kanagawa hangs in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Hokusai lived until 1849 and was 89 years old, he lived in Edo, which is now called Tokyo. He was no less than six years old, or should I say young, when he started painting. Hokusai has created more than 30.000 paintings, sketches, woodcuts and picture book illustrations in his successful career. Hokusai is considered one of the greatest masters in art history.

De Hokusai poster and typography posters in the gallery wall:

woman in kimono

The real gem among the Hokusai poster is the artwork: woman in kimono† This painting shows a Japanese-dressed woman in a checkered kimono. In her right hand she is holding a traditional fan. The original painting was printed on handmade paper in the Ukyio-e way, which is a way in which the artist carves the image out of the wood, paints it and then presses it onto the paper. The culture of Japan is beautifully reflected in this work of art. If you like this, this one is definitely indispensable on your wall.

hokusai poster

Goten-Yama Hill

The photo wall with Hokusai poster is not complete without the Goten Yama Hill at Shinagawa, it is known for its beautiful Cherry Blossom during the Edo period. Gotem-Yama means 'Palace-Mountain' because this was the view from 'the Shogun's villa'. With the beautiful ocean view it was the perfect picnic spot for people, as can be seen in the painting. The blue color of the sky and sea match each other and these are nicely contrasted with the light pink of the Cherry Blossom.

hokusai poster

The Great Wave of Kanagawa

The most impressive work of art in the Hokusai poster is The great wave† Not only is it well known, but it represents the tsunamis and storms of that time. Hence, large waves are depicted on it. This work of art is also originally a woodcut. The intense blue color of the wave is called 'Berlin Blue', this was a new pigment from China at the time. This color fits nicely with an interior with blue tones. It can also be a real 'eye-catcher' in a quiet interior.

hokusai poster


Between the Hokusai poster typography posters are also used. This is not to stress too much. That's why the poster with the word 'calm' perfectly with that. There is a lot to see on the Hokusai poster, so we see beautiful line work and interesting colors are used. Yet it also gives a feeling of serenity, because of the style in which the artwork is made. In Japanese culture they are focused on 'mindfulness', meditation is a daily activity. Unwind and calm down with this poster wall. †

hokusai poster

Art is therapy

This typography poster fits nicely between the Hokusai poster, because making art can be seen as therapeutic and calming your mind. Looking at art can also provide a moment of relaxation. And a room that is decorated in a soothing way also contributes to this. Complete your decor by adding this poster.

hokusai poster

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