Iets voor aan de muur woonkamer

In this blog you can read about something for the wall living room edition, we show the latest trends of the summer of 2022 and above all give a lot inspiration† This way you can transform your own living room into the latest wall decoration trends this summer.

Soft Shapes

The soft and round shapes in the living room will give your home an open and friendly look. Round shapes combined with soft objects such as fluffy chairs or sofas fit in perfectly with the soft shapes trend. But how do you get this back in something for the wall living roomr decoration? there is the abstract collection perfect for! This collection features many round shapes such as arcs, circles and dots. In addition, there are enough designs with different colors so that there is always one that matches your living room colors. Which painting will fit well in your living room?
Something for the living room wall

The wabi sabi lifestyle

De japandi living style has been a trend for some time now, here the Japanese and Scandinavian living style are combined. But Wabi Sabi takes the Japanese lifestyle one step further. The focus is on simplicity, acceptance and imperfection. The raw, unfinished materials are the perfect match for this. Contrary to the soft shapes trend. And that's the great thing about interior trends: there is something for everyone. Something for the living room wall in wabi sabi style there are therefore simple abstract forms such as the arches below.
Something for the living room wall

Color trend: bright skis

Then second the flexa color of the year: Bright Skies! It is a beautiful light blue color that gives your living room a fresh look. Read more about how you can add this color to your interior as a wall decoration in this blog.
Something for the living room wall

Hotel Chic living style

Are you a lover of beautiful, luxurious materials and does your house need to be perfectly finished? Then the Hotel Chic trend is just right for you! In this trend you see velvet and velvet fabrics, wall decoration by famous old painters and luxurious furniture. Take a look at the Hotel Chic living style for more inspiration for something for the living room wall
Something for the living room wall

Something for the living room wall found it?

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