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Improving acoustics: how do you ensure less reverberation in the house? For many this is a challenge, not only at home but also in the office. The annoying reverberation can cause serious headaches and concentration problems. Fortunately, there are several solutions for this: discover the tips in this blog! 

How do acoustics work?

Do you want to see the improve acoustics, then it might first be useful to know how this reverberation actually occurs. You will probably have noticed that in some rooms it reverberates a bit more than in other rooms. This is mainly due to the size of the space and the materials placed in it. You have objects that absorb sound, while other objects reflect the sound. When you have just too much stuff that reflects sound, you will notice the well-known echo! 

# 1. Improve acoustics with a rug

Where in the past we often had carpet in the living room, we now like to opt for sleek, modern floors such as PVC or tiles. Incredibly stylish, but it does take care of those annoying ones faster reverberation in the house. Our tip? Place a rug! A rug not only provides more atmosphere, it will also give a lot of attention improve acoustics. It is best to choose a deep pile rug; the more textiles, the less reverberation in the house
Improve acoustics

#2. Attach wall hangings to the wall

Rugs aren't just for the floor! Did you know that you can also attach these rugs to the wall? Wall hangings are therefore not only a special eye-catcher, but also great sound absorbers. There are also rugs that are really meant for the wall. These are often made of felt or another fine fabric. Perfect for the reverberation in the house to decrease!

#3. Put down fabric furniture

Do you want to see the improve acoustics, then it is best to opt for upholstered furniture to furnish the rooms at home. Place a beautiful fabric sofa and dining room chairs, lots of soft cushions and a large lamp with shade, for example. They are all ways to reverberation in the house to decrease. If you prefer to keep up with the trends and choose materials such as marble or steel, make sure you compensate this sufficiently with textiles: in this way you will not only improve acoustics, but also bring more atmosphere into your home. 

#4. Less reverberation in the house with curtains

Do you have large windows at home? It is very nice to have a lot of light in the house, but large windows do not really help with the acoustics! You can improve these acoustics with the help of curtains. These can be curtains in all kinds of shapes: roller blinds, roman blinds, it doesn't matter, as long as they are made of fabric. If curtains are not quite your thing and if you prefer blinds, choose wood. Wood is also absorbent. 
Improve acoustics

#5. Create corners in your room 

Most houses have few corners and mainly long, straight walls. This ensures that sound waves can easily move through space. If you create corners in the room, you will notice that the sound is less able to reflect through the room, so you have less reverberation in the house will experience. But how do you handle this? For example, consider a room divider, or place some large plants that can break the sound waves! 

#6. Hang canvas paintings 

Also with wall decoration you can use the improve acoustics. Bare walls make it much easier for sound to reflect through the room. Especially canvas paintings are suitable de reverberation in the house to decrease. This is due to the wood material it is made of. Do you have a big, bare wall? Then consider hanging a large painting on it! It will not only be a great eye-catcher, but will also improve acoustics. Look here for a wide range of unique paintings!

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Do you know someone with an acoustic problem? 

Do you know someone who also suffers from that annoying reverberation in the house, or do you have this problem at the office? Share this blog with them! There are plenty of solutions for this. Do you choose wall decoration to improve the reverberation, we have a wide and unique range are ready for you that will also immediately improve the atmosphere! 

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