Industrieel interieur

An industrial interior is undoubtedly one of the most popular styles these days. What makes this style so special is its strong character in combination with polished elements: a beautiful mix! But when it comes down to it, it can be difficult to combine these elements in a harmonious way. Also choosing suitable decorations belong to this. We are here to help! 

Metal and wood

Rustic wood and exposed metal are a perfect combination for one industrial interior. For almost any furniture style it is possible to find something with a mix of metal and wood. This is really key for one industrial interior

Visible metal beams, pipes and channels

Making raw elements visible may not always be possible, but it is characteristic of an industrial interior. To get that factory vibe, it's important to show off the raw bones of your space. By showing steel beams, pipes and channels, the space gets an "unfinished" look that gives exactly the industrial atmosphere you are looking for!

A touch of vintage and antique pieces

Antique or vintage designs fit perfectly in one industrial interior, think of old-fashioned decorations, for example. Vintage looking decorations go well with an industrial style! Do you want to decorate the walls of the room with wall decoration? We have a vintage collection full of prints that are a great addition to a industrial interiorIndustrial interior

Lighting in an industrial interior

There are plenty of options when you are looking for lighting in an industrial interior. But there is one thing that makes industrial interiors special: the fact that you can turn the simplest light bulbs into statement lighting! You can choose a large, small or thin light bulb; there is something for everyone! Lamps with chains or black metal are often perfect for your industrial space.


Industrial interior
Leather is the solution for adding some heat to an otherwise cold metal industrial space. You often see black leather sofas or stools in an industrial interior that really improve the atmosphere!

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