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You want to give your bedroom a makeover, but you're not quite sure what style you want yet. We are happy to help you with that. At Walljar we have a wide range to wall decoration in different styles. Maybe an industrial bedroom is for you. In this blog we give you inspiration to create a bedroom in industrial style with posters. 

The interior style industrial

The industrial interior style is a modern style inspired by old factories and its interior. The style is characterized by coarse materials such as metal, concrete, bricks and wood. A combination of these materials gives the most beautiful effect. This style is well applicable in a bedroom. One industrial bedroom has a tough look, but is not too busy. That is why you can really relax in this bedroom.

The color palette of a industrial bedroom

For the colors for you industrial bedroom get your inspiration from the materials used in the industrial interior style. So think of gray, brown and black. For a little more color in you industrial bedroom you can also choose blue and green. These colors fit very well with the coarse materials of this interior style. This cool color palette might make you miss some warmth. That's why you can opt for cognac-colored furniture and accessories. This still gives you a warm atmosphere. 

The industrial bedroom: the decoration

Because you have a fairly calm color palette in an industrial bedroom, you can go in all directions with wall decoration. For example, give the room more color by hanging posters with blue and green in them on the wall. But other colors are also possible, because the basic colors are calm colors.  Black and white photos also look very nice in an industrial bedroom. With this you keep it nice and quiet in terms of colors. Below we give you some examples of posters that fit perfectly in an industrial bedroom.

Industrial bedroom

FG Sugar '65

The industrial style is based on old factories and their interior. To accentuate this even more, choose prints from old factories, such as this old sugar factory FG Sugar '65. In this photo you can see the factory of the Friesch Groningse Coöperatieve Suiker in Groningen and classic cars.

Railway bridge '55

Another poster that is very good in a industrial bedroom fits, is the Railway bridge '55. A beautiful black and white photo showing the railway bridge in Nijmegen in 1955. The photo was taken from a tugboat.

You can find both photos in the collection Vintage Cities

The right atmosphere with photo art

In addition to beautiful vintage photos, we also have a collection Photo art with beautiful black and white prints that look good on the wall in a industrial bedroom. Photography and art come together in this collection. A number of prints from this collection that fit well with this interior style are shown below.

industrial bedroom

In this image you can see: 

Color in you industrial bedroom

Would you rather have a little more color in you industrial bedroom† Then you can look for wall decoration with, for example, blue and green in it. These are colors that fit well with an industrial interior. For example, what do you think of the following prints?  

industrial bedroom

In this image you see the following prints: 

Shop the perfect wall decoration for you industrial bedroom

So there is plenty of choice of wall decoration for your home industrial bedroom. Choose black and white if you want to keep your bedroom very quiet. And if you prefer colour, you can opt for posters with, for example, blue and green incorporated. Take a quick look at the website for the entire range of wall decoration.