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At Walljar we sell the most beautiful framed posters. With our photo walls page we give you inspiration to create beautiful walls in your home. Every week we highlight one of these photo walls. This week that photo wall is Desert Nightfall. 

Why framed posters? 

Posters are of course very beautiful on their own or in beautiful poster hangers, but if you for framed posters choose, there are a number of advantages: 

  • Your framed posters will last longer
  • You can choose from different frames that match your interior style
  • It gives a slightly more chic feeling

Photo wall: Desert Nightfall

Photo wall Desert Nightfall is a nice combination of abstract and typographic framed posters† This gallery wall works so well because of the use of color that fits together perfectly. The color palette and of course some of the framed posters is inspired by the colors of the desert. Think of different warm sand colors and the different shades of blue that the sky can take. Are you looking at the different designs from this gallery wall? 

In the Desert Nightfall Photo Wall you will find the following framed posters: 

Desert Night

Abstract art in a beautiful shape and frame. You see a beautiful starry sky in the desert, but in an abstract way. Desert Night is a beautiful combination of warm and soft colours. 

framed posters

Wild Water Coast

With all the beautiful colors of this design, all the beautiful colors from this gallery wall come together in these posters. That's why Wild Water Coast so good among the others framed posters. 

framed posters

Desert Day

In the Abstract collection you will find many abstract landscapes, such as Desert Day† A poster of an abstract sand dune landscape on a beautiful sunny day.

framed posters


In this beautiful work you see a naked female body depicted in a simple way. The combination of black, white and pink goes well with the others framed posters. Is this your style at all? Then take a look at Photo wall Nude shades

framed posters

Worry Less

Quotes can be motivating and reassuring. Sometimes you just need a reminder. That's why you can use different framed posters hang in the house, like this poster with the quote Live more, worry less† Because there's no point in worrying. 

framed posters

Inhale Exhale

Another good quote is Inhale the future, exhale the past† You can find this on the poster Inhale Exhale from the collection Typography. Do you love different texts? Then take a look at this collection for more inspiring texts. 

framed posters

Desert Nightfall 

Finally, in this gallery wall with framed posters, we opted for another very beautiful design from the Abstract collection. In this poster, the design is placed in a circle. that's poster Desert Nightfall

framed posters

Bring the desert home

With various abstract posters and framed posters with texts you create a nicely matching whole. Are you not a fan of abstract art and typography, but do you want to bring the desert into your home? In our Collection Nature you will find beautiful pictures of different deserts. In addition, there are many other landscapes to be found, such as coastlines, mountains and forests. 

Now set your own wall with framed posters together!

At Walljar we have many designs which you can have printed on posters, canvas or plexiglass. If you choose posters, you can frame them or opt for poster hangers. Create your gallery wall completely in line with your style! 

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