Inrichten studentenkamer

The student room: it is often a dirty, old and also small room. And yet there are currently more than 26.000 students living in rooms. In order to make it a bit of a cozy student room, it is important that the space is furnished efficiently but also cosily. That is easier said than done, because how do you go about this now? Furnish student room with wall decoration: you do it with these tips!

Making good use of the space

Because every square meter counts, it is important that you make good use of the space. You can do this by, for example, also using the walls in height. For example, put some shelves on the wall to put school books or nice decorative framed posters on them. This way you quickly get a cozy atmosphere in the student room. 

Decorating a student room starts with wall decoration!

Furnish student room of course you do with the posters from Walljar! At Walljar we offer various collections of posters that are perfect for any student room, whether you want to hang it up or place it on a shelf. Here we highlight a few popular student collections for you:

1. Cities

Students mainly live in large student cities. Think of the largest cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Groningen. Here the students make memories for the rest of their lives, which of course gives them a great affinity with the city. As a student, therefore, proudly hang your city on the wall! This can be done, for example, by hanging up the city map, but also by hanging characteristic architecture of the city on the wall. 
furnish student room

2. Office

A student room has several functions at the same time. It is actually a bedroom, living room and study in one. That can sometimes be quite annoying, especially if you have to motivate yourself to study to pass that one annoying exam. Furnish student room: you do it by putting up motivational posters! This way you only have to look at those posters and you then have enough motivation to get started. Take a quick look at our office collection and get motivated again!
Furnish student room

3 Mindfulness

Student life: it's a busy life. You live in rooms and you already have to take care of yourself, you have a busy social life and you are also studying. This can be really too much sometimes, causing chaos in your head. It furnish student room That's why you also hang up mindfulness posters! That way you will be completely calm again from all the hectic outside. Hang this one for example Attraction Energy quote on along with this one Meditating Woman and immediately feel calm. Our entire Mindfulness you can view the collection here!

4. Nature

Student cities often consist of many buildings, heavy traffic and, above all, a lot of crowds. There is hardly any nature in the city, which can sometimes be experienced as a lack. Therefore hang nature wall decoration when decorating your student room! In this way you still have some nature nearby in your busy student city. This immediately creates a calm atmosphere. 
Furnish student room

5. Wall Circles

Do you want something other than a poster? At Walljar we have an extensive collection of wall circles. This emerging trend gives every student room a unique and cozy look. For example, hang the Flowers In Vase van Van Os and distinguish yourself from all other students! Or view our entire wall circle collection to pick out your favorite wall circle. 

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Furnish student room: choose your favorite wall decoration!

For decorating your student room, wall decoration is important to give the room a nice atmosphere. Whether you hang your favorite city, motivational posters, mindfulness posters or nature posters, it will immediately complete your student room! Go to the website and choose your favorite wall decoration.