7 makkelijke tips voor de WC inrichting - Walljar

The smallest room in the house: the toilet! But not unimportant! The toilet interior should also have a nice appearance and it is nice if it matches the rest of the house. We have listed 7 easy basic points for you that are important to start with:

# 1 A lot of white is good!

De WC is in most cases a small room. In order not to make it look smaller, it works well to use a lot of white in the WC. White makes it look wider. In addition, white is a 'hygienic colour'. Especially in the toilet decor it is important to have a clean feeling. By using white tones, you psychologically emphasize that clean feeling. Other light shades are also recommended! 

# 2 Light sets the mood!

Light is a very important aspect in all rooms. It just depends on what kind of light you prefer. In the toilet facility it is often customary to hang a slightly softer light, because you do not have to put in a light greenhouse on the WC to sit. Softer light creates a pleasant and calm atmosphere.

# 3 Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors in the WC do it well. It is always nice to be able to do a final check before you continue with what you were doing, before you enter a meeting or when you have a date. Mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes. You choose mirrors according to the size of the room in the WC and the rest of the style.

# 4 What to do with the walls in the WC?

You can go in many directions with the walls in the WC. For example, you can choose a plain wall, a wall with a tiled wall, a fully tiled wall WC or wallpaper. What is very trendy nowadays is painting the wall with certain painting techniques, such as a 'wipe effect' on the wall.

Do you want to go for a tighter one toilet facilities? Then it is best to go for an earth tone on the walls, such as a 'concrete look', which looks sleek and cool. Do you like a cheerful or more bohemian WC? Then it is very nice to work with tiles and create a colorful whole or pattern. With wallpaper you can also go in all kinds of creative directions.

#5 Toilet decor: use wall decoration!

Posters and paintings: this gives your toilet decor some more character and are inspiring to watch from the WC. Walljar offers a wide range of various unique art, please here a look around your WC to finish!Furnishing WC

# 6 Fun accessories top it off!

Wall decoration WC Around the WC you can top it off completely with matching accessories. When you get the WC basic, you can let some color come back in, for example: a towel next to the sink or a soap dispenser. When you are behind the WC have a wall or wide edge, you can also use it. For example, put a cool vase on it with dried flowers.


# 7 Keep it calm!

It is important that the WC a nice clean place. To keep it clean, we recommend not to put too much in the toilet. Organize it practically, this saves you cleaning and keeps the interior sleek. 

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We hope these tips have helped you! Did this blog give you the idea to use wall decoration? Then take one look with our collections! And who knows that you will find a unique work of art for the WC!