Inspiratie babykamer

You are pregnant and you have the urge to nest… the baby's room has to be finished, you'd rather buy too much than too little and everything can't go fast enough for you. To lend you a hand and give you some peace of mind regarding the baby room, we are happy to help you with inspiration for the baby room! Take all the tips with you to set up a cool baby room and above all stay nice and relaxed, that's the best for you and the baby! You will see that everything will be all right! 

Inspiration floors and walls

We start with the floors and walls in the nursery. These are very important and form the basis for a fine one nursery. It is important that de floors in one nursery is safe, for yourself and the baby.

For the walls is the use of white or other soft and light colors is recommended! White and light tones make a room look optically larger. In addition, white and other light colors have a more open effect than dark colors on the walls, which gives a nice feeling in the nursery.

Inspiration baby room: timeless furniture

You may spend the most money on the furniture. Today there are so many providers of different types babyfurniture, so enough choice stress! There are some pieces of furniture that really cannot be missed in the nurseryincluding: the crib / bed, the chest of drawers and a wardrobe. It's helpful when the basic furniture fits well together. Preferably in the same style and color. This way you form a good and peaceful basis for the rest of the nursery. 

Choose a guiding theme

Now that we are done with the basics (floors and walls) and the furniture, it is time for another theme for the nursery to choose. Choose a guiding theme to continue embroidering with the rest of the colors, accessories and inspiration. This can be, for example: 'animals' (where you have prints, a wall sticker or wallpaper of animals). But this can also be a color theme, such as: 'beige with light gray'. 

We recommend that you choose one neutral theme with calm colors. This ensures a tight nursery. When you go for neutral colors in, for example, the bed linen, curtains, etc., you can return color in a number of accessories to make it not quite a serene nursery to be let. 

Neutral is timeless

As the previous steps describe, it is helpful to choose neutral walls, timeless furniture and a calm color theme for the nursery. Besides that these points ensure peace and a nice nursery, it would too can save money. When your baby from the 'baby phase'it is useful not to have to buy many things again because they are not neutral enough for an older person baby/ toddler.

DBesides, it is very easy to have a very neutral basis for a next one baby'tje (of course you don't know what it will be yet). It is also true that you don't get tired of a neutral base and it is timeless!

Dressing accessories: safe or dangerous?

Now we can start on the accessories! There are numerous possibilities, options and choices for this. But most importantly: a safe, warm and comfortable nursery to create. Therefore, with everything you purchase, ask yourself: 'Would my baby could be injured by this product or is this possibly dangerous? '.

Inspiration baby room: wall decoration

Wall decoration is a very nice addition to the nursery. You can go in many different directions, but ultimately your choice depends on the rest of the nursery

We have specially designed a collection of paintings and prints for babies and kids. This collection uses soft and sweet shades, which are very cute in the nursery will stand. A big advantage of the kids collection is the use of universal colors. This ensures that the paintings are timeless and not tied to a gender. Tip: an advantage of the universal baby collection is that it is easy to give as a present! You are not easily wrong with universal paintings. 
Inspiration nurseryIn addition to paintings, you naturally have all kinds of other decoration for the wall in the nursery, such as: shelves, to put fun accessories on. Shelves are also very useful to set up storage boxes or other functional objects. 

Pillows, stuffed animals and other decorations

Maak's nursery cozy and finished with accessories! Soft and sweet colored pillows cannot be missed. Just like soft and the cutest cuddly toys, which will make your child but also you completely happy. In addition, other accessories such as table lamps, mosquito nets and music accessories can be found in various colors and sizes. For this you can enjoy browsing the internet!

If you are not from the interior? Then check out various inspiring apps, such as Pinterest and create a mood board! This will flood you with ideas and compositions. 

More inspiration baby room?

Have you become completely enthusiastic about the paintings from the baby collection? You will find the entire range here !