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Are you looking for nice interior gifts? Then take a look between the Walljar posters. Especially now that everyone is spending extra time at home, it's nice to delight people with interior gifts! Walljar's wall decoration is perfect for this. Available in different materials and sizes, we have an extensive collection of wall decoration.

Brighten up someone's home!

You recognize it: you walk into someone's house and immediately think: "It's so boring here!" Interior gifts are therefore ideal gifts to help someone to make the house cozy and attractive. We have listed a number of suitable collections below that everyone can appreciate:

1. Famous painters

Everyone would of course want to have a real work of art by Johannes Vermeer or Vincent van Gogh in their home, unfortunately that is far too expensive. That's why are fun interior gifts wall decoration by Famous painters! For example, give the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci or the Girl With The Red Hat by Johannes Vermeer as a present. if to someone so you literally give art, how nice is that!
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2. Abstract paintings

If you are using interior gifts is looking for what is suitable for every interior, the Abstract collection from Walljar suitable. In special shapes and warm earth tones, this fits any interior. For example, give the Flow Circle in combination with the Flowing Shapes gift. This gives every wall a warm look and is therefore ideal interior gifts!

In addition to loose abstract wall decoration, we also sell bundles. These are three paintings next to each other in abstract shapes and colors that represent a landscape. That way you're done in one go!
Interior gifts

3. Office decoration

Now that everyone is increasingly working from home, it is important that a home office also has a pleasant working atmosphere. Wall decoration is very important here, and therefore nice to see wall decoration from our koffice gift collection! Walljar's office collection provides inspiration and motivation to work hard from home. After reading the quote ''Don't wait for opportunity. create it.''Of course you want to get back to work right away. 

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Interior gifts

4. Flowers on the wall in the shape of a wall circle

Original interior gifts are wall circles! A popular new wall trend that immediately provides a trendy look. For example, give someone the Willow by William Morris or the Flowers In Vase from Van Os gift. It is an eye-catcher that immediately makes every wall look attractive!

5. Give a gift to relax!

Nowadays everyone has something to do all the time and we only get busier and busier, so it is extra important that at home is a place to relax. Of course you also want to give this peace to others as a gift. Ideal interior gifts are therefore Walljar's Mindfulness posters. For example, just by looking at the Gemstone Hand Or the Meditating Woman peace of mind again!
Interior gifts

6. View our bestsellers

Do you really not know what someone's lifestyle is? Then take a look at our bestsellers! Our most popular wall decoration, which suits every interior, can be found here. Here you will find something suitable for every interior.

7. Create Photo Wall

In addition to a loose framed poster, canvas or plexiglass, it is of course also nice to give someone a gallery wall as a gift! Inspiration for a photo wall can be found on our website. Whether it's friends who have just moved, or the interior of your parents that could use a makeover: with a gallery wall you make everyone happy!

8. Walljar gift card

At Walljar we have an extensive collection of wall decorations, there are suitable wall decorations for every living style. If you don't want to pick out the wall decoration for someone else, but do want to give an original gift, the Walljar gift card a perfect gift! You can determine the amount yourself, so you can be sure that you are in the right place and that you will make someone really happy with this fantastic gift. 
Interior gifts

Now give wall decoration as interior gifts!

Whether you give someone a single wall decoration, a bundle or an entire photo wall: wall decoration is ideal when it comes to interior gifts! Go quickly to your favorite collection and order the wall decoration from Walljar to give as a gift. 

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