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Walljar's design team traveled to beautiful Sicily to capture the island's most admirable spots. This resulted in the new collection: La Dolce Vita. A collection that brings the Mediterranean feeling into your home with serene photos with soft tones and that little bit of color! But how did they do that?

Architecture, people and the most impressive nature. There is so much to see that it can be difficult to capture the most beautiful images. Here are the tips and tricks from our team to become a master in immortalizing your travels.

1. Think about the use of color

Use of color is a very important part of the photo. Colors are often the determining factor in the success of a photo. People are attracted to colors. Not only because it is simply beautiful, but also because colors can evoke emotions. Colors enhance the composition. For example, the emphasis on the pink roses enhances the romantic feel of the church's architecture and the dark tones and great contrasts make the image of the volcano more dramatic. Shop the design of this one Italian poster!
Italian posters

2. Make choices

Shooting on the street can be overwhelming. Do not try to capture the entire street scene, but opt ​​for details. Go for details that are typical of the city you are in. They tell their own story. This way you can see the beautiful details of a white scooter in the city!
Italian posters

3. Try a different point of view

By varying the points of view you make the photo a lot more exciting. Take a photo from a very high or a very low point of view such as on the Italian poster Below. This gives you a completely different image than when you photograph at eye level. 
Italian posters

4. Turn something simple into something special

The most normal things can be transformed into a special photo. Make this the center of the photo. Look for an interesting composition. Shop the Italian poster ''Sail To The Island'' now!
Italian posters

5. Shoot remotely

People make the city and so does your photo. Shoot at a sufficient distance. If people realize that you are photographing them, they will behave differently. How beautiful is this photo of two musicians become?!
Italian posters

6. Combine on the wall

Filling your wall with strong images doesn't work. Combine the photos you want to emphasize with calm photos. These can contribute to the feeling that your gallery wall radiates. The Italian poster ''Grow Some Citrus'' is a good example that allows you to combine posters without making the gallery wall too crowded.

Italian posters

Shop the La Dolce Vita collection now!

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