Italië posters

Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere at home? Then this gallery wall of Venice is for you! Relive the gondola rides through the waters of Venice by hanging these black and white Italy posters on your wall. 

The black and white color palette

In this gallery wall you can see black and white posters in different styles. For example, black and white photo art, line art and typography were used. These styles complement each other perfectly and are a beautiful whole because of the neutral black and white colors. Perfect for a colored wall.

The posters in the photo wall

The posters in this Venice gallery wall are of course all related to this romantic city. Below is a list of the individual designs:

Thinking Woman Line Art

Line art posters are a good addition to photo walls due to their minimalist appearance. The posters won't stand out too much, but they will fit in nicely with the rest of the Italy posters. In this gallery wall you can see the design 'Thinking Woman Line Art'. Order this poster on a (framed) poster, canvas painting or plexiglass painting.

Line art poster

Hello Beautiful

As a true romantic, you will sometimes use this saying that means 'Hi, beauty'. With the poster of 'Hello Beautiful' will immediately give you a good impression of visitors who come to you.

Typography poster

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the oldest and most famous of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. The Italy posters in the photo wall from under the 'Rialto Bridge in Venice '53' is a beautiful picture for on the wall.

Italy posters

Through the waters of Venice

Formerly an ancient river, now it is the largest canal in Venice: Canal Grande. The canal is now between 30 and 70 meters wide. With the Italy poster by 'Grand Canal in Venice '53' will you bring the old Venice into your home.

Italy posters

Gondolas in Venice

Have you ever sailed through the canals of Venice with a gondolier? Then the poster 'Gondolier in Venice '53' be a nice memory of this holiday! Combine the Italy posters together into a nice photo wall.

Italy posters

Black and white photo art collection

In addition to our black and white Italy posters we have many more of these types of posters. You can never go wrong with black and white photo art, it is a modern, timeless wall decoration and can last for years! Discover our whole black and white photo art collection and find a poster that matches your interior. If you prefer to switch faster between different photo art, we recommend hanging framed posters. You can easily replace these.

Italy posters on your wall!

Interested in the entire gallery wall? look at the Venice gallery wall on the inspiration page, and find your favorite material and formats.

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