Japandi posters

One of the latest trends is the Japandi living style. In this living style you combine simplicity, modern and minimalism. Different motifs and abstract shapes are common in the Japandi posters collection from Walljar. But where does this Japandi living style come from?

The Japandi living style stands for relaxation, tranquility and nature

The Japandi living style is actually a combination of a Scandinavian and Japanese style. This mainly features natural materials, straight lines and soft colors such as beige, brown, blue and earth tones. The aim of this interior is to give a relaxed atmosphere and to lead a minimalist life. Take a look at some Japandi posters examples?

Ohara Koson - Seagulls

On this design you can see five seagulls above a turbulent sea. With this animal''seagulls'' print you can transform your room into an atmospheric environment. Asian art has a rich and ancient history. With this wall decoration you will be reminded of that every day. Discover your favorite Japandi poster now!
Japandi posters

A set of abstract paintings

Wu-wei: Embrace flow, not effort.

Do you want to create a minimalist atmosphere but still want two Japandi posters hang next to each other? Then the different Arches posters what for you. These posters compliment each other without being too busy. 
Japandi posters

Katsushika Hokusai - Woman

Hokusai was a Japanese printmaker best known for the artwork ''The Great Wave''. He also made these works of art on woodcut prints, also known as ukiyo-e. The Japandi poster the one you see here is an elegant one kimono woman and has a simplistic look, perfect for a Japandi living style!
Japandi posters

Japandi posters: Mountain shapes

You are always in the right place with abstract art. As seen here with this painting ''Mountain Shapes'' of a mountain landscape with a background of beige and white tones. Hang this one now Japandi poster on the wall and create a relaxed atmosphere at home!
Japandi posters

Japandi posters: timeless and minimalistic

"Take a deep breath."

Peace in your interior also gives you peace of mind. Let the most beautiful Japandi posters shine in your interior and relax!