Japans interieur

A Japanese products growing in popularity. Minimalist, calming and incredibly modern. Do you want to change your current interior style and make beautiful elements of Japan add? Discover in this blog how to create a Japanese interior!

# 1. Japanese interior with open spaces

During the Japanese interior you often see a spatial layout, with few things and a minimalist look. This is related to the Japanese philosophy 'Ma', which stands for "negative space", or emptiness. It's a very nice concept where the void gives more value. If you're a Japanese interior want, this does not mean that you have to sell half of your furniture. However, it does mean that you become aware of the space you have.

Hold on to the things that make you happy and that you really need, the less the better. If you have a piece of furniture that is not used much, you can, for example, get rid of it. In addition, it is possible to create an open space through screens or transparent panels props to place and play with light, making the room look larger.
Japanese interior

#2. The right use of color for a Japanese interior

Using the right colors is arguably the most important part of creating a Japanese interior. A Japanese interior often has a calm, serene appearance. Therefore, mainly choose neutral colorssuch as white, beige, cream, brown or gray. Other colors such as yellow, blue, green or red can be used as an accent color. Think of flowers and plants for example. You often see this in a Japanese interior: it is a way for the Japanese to show that nature plays an important role in their culture.
Japanese interior

#3. An Japanese interior with the right furniture and materials

As we mentioned above, a Japanese interior characterized by a minimalist style. When choosing furniture, you should think of neutral colours, clean lines and simple designs with a soothing appearance. Japanese furniture is often made of wood or bamboo; so choose furniture made from these materials. If you really want to do it the Japanese way, you can, for example, go for a dining area with cushions instead of chairs! 

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Japanese interior

#4. Daylight is essential for a Japanese interior

A Japanese products is not complete without a proper dose of daylight. Of course you don't always have the opportunity to realize this, but if a renovation is coming up, installing large windows is not a bad idea. For now you can opt for a roller blind that you open during the day to let in as much light as possible! 

#5. Let natural elements come back in a Japanese interior

In Japan nature is very important and you often see this reflected in a Japanese interior. For example, rice paper and bamboo are beloved props to get started. In addition to being beautiful materials to have in your interior, they are also sustainable materials! Rice paper (washi) is therefore often used for lamps, room screens and decorations, while you often see bamboo as floor coverings, furniture and decorations. If you really want to bring Japanese nature into your home, buy Japanese plants and flowers like a bonsai tree!

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#6. Japanese decoration completes a Japanese interior! 

A Japanese interior with minimalist furniture you can give a cozy and zen atmosphere with the help of Japanese decoration. Think of accessories made of natural materials such as a wool bedspread or silk cushions. Instead of a rug, you can cover the floor with Japanese floor mats, also called 'Tatami mats'. These are traditional Japanese mats made from rice straw. Do you really want to go big with your Japanese interior, then the typical Japanese sliding doors cannot be missed! They are often used as a room divider, but it can also be used as a room divider. 

Also the walls of a Japanese interior can be nicely decorated. This way you can hang a beautiful painting that matches the minimalist style, but provides just that little bit more atmosphere. We have a unique collection online with the most beautiful Japanese paintings
Japanese interior

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We hope you have been able to get inspiration from this blog and get started creating a Japanese interior. Would you like to discover more unique paintings that match a Japanese interior? View us entire range