Jaren 30 badkamer

A 30s bathroom: it should be to your taste, but we love it! Everyone has their own personal taste of course. One dreams of a modern, sleek bathroom and the other of an industrial bathroom. A 30s bathroom is less common, but has an incredibly unique and elegant style. Want to know how to create such a 30s bathroom, on toilet 30s style? We explain everything in this blog!

De 30s bathroom style

You will probably have some idea of ​​a 30s bathroom, but the variations are endless, so you can easily lose the overview. The 30s bathroom is a unique, nostalgic bathroom with often a touch of vintage. Below we tell you what is characteristic of a 30s bathroom and how to apply this style. 

#1. An 30s bathroom has: a claw foot bath

The most typical piece of furniture in a 30s bathroom is a bathtub on legs. The bath often has a surprising color, which, in combination with the classic legs, creates a special appearance. The oval shape and nicely rounded edges make it a real elegant bathtub and even an eye-catcher! You can finish the bath as you wish. Think of a finish such as chrome, gold or rose gold.
30s bathroom

#2. A 30s bathroom has: a classic tile floor

Something that can't be missed in a years 30 bathroom, is the typical 30s tile floor. The most typical 30s bathroom floor is in the black and white checkered pattern, but patterns with colors such as mint green also fit very well in a 30s bathroom. Sometimes the entire wall is tiled, sometimes only the bottom half. Play with the possibilities: for example, take a nice pattern on the floor and opt for calm, smooth tiles for the walls. 
30s bathroom

#3. An 30s bathroom has: a freestanding washbasin

Which can become another signature element in your nostalgic 30s bathroom, is a freestanding washbasin. This is of course also possible in your 30s toilet! Such a classic washbasin usually stands gracefully on one leg and sometimes has two legs at the front. A 30s washbasin does take up some space and usually does not have a base cabinet, so you would have to store your bathroom items elsewhere. Sure, you can install some cabinets, but if you have a small bathroom, this can be tricky. Do you want one 30s bathroom furniture in classic style with a wooden base cabinet in which the sink is placed. 
30s washbasin

#4. An 30s bathroom has: A classic toilet

A toilet that you see a lot in a 30s bathroom, is a duo block toilet. With a duo-block toilet, the toilet bowl and reservoir are mounted on top of each other. This fits so well with a 30s bathroom, because a duo-pot toilet stands on one foot. Something characteristic of 30s bathrooms! This way you can again play with the look of the toilet and, for example, opt for a wooden toilet seat. 

Also interesting: Wall decoration for the smallest room, the toilet! 

# 5. 30s bathroom decorations

with simple decorations can you completely transform your bathroom into a 30s bathroom. For example, add an arched mirror, some flowers, and give the bathroom your own touch with, for example, a unique soap dish or toilet roll holder. 

In addition, you can 30s bathroom Decorate with unique wall decoration. Our William Morris collection For example, it fits really well with a 30s bathroom

good luck with you 30s bathroom

We hope you have taken in enough information to get started with your 30s bathroom! Looking for more inspiration? Find out here all our blogs!