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Jungle wall murals are the perfect choice for true nature lovers. You feel at home in nature between a lot of greenery. At Walljar we have a large collection of jungle photo wallpaper† Both non-woven photo wallpaper and self-adhesive photo wallpaper. 

The urban jungle living trend

A trend that we are not yet seeing is urban jungle. With this trend, you ensure that your house no longer feels so urban, but more as if you are in the middle of nature with lots of green and natural materials. Think of many plants, wood and other natural materials in combination with a calm color palette. Urban jungle is an exciting mix between industrial and botanical. Think of many plants, wood and other natural materials in combination with a calm color palette. 

Go green

jungle photo wallpaper is the perfect tool to start your own urban jungle. It is the perfect basis for bringing nature into your home. If you don't really have green fingers, but do want to bring the jungle into your home, then go for it jungle photo wallpaper from Walljar. That way you don't have to get a hundred plants straight away. 

Self adhesive jungle photo wallpaper 

At Walljar you have the option to choose from the collection photo wallpaper or the collection self-adhesive photo wallpaper† With self-adhesive photo wallpaper, the photo is applied to self-adhesive foil, making it easy to apply to the wall. Below a selection of our self-adhesive jungle photo wallpaper† Our self-adhesive photo wallpaper is available in the following sizes:

  • 98x70 inch
  • 147x105 inch
  • 196x140 inch
  • 245x175 inch
  • 294x210 inch
  • 392x280 inch
  • 441x315 inch

Available formats may vary by design. 

Self-adhesive photo wallpaper Mountain Jungle

Different kinds of plants with mountains in the background give you the feeling that you are on a beautiful journey for a while. Making the muted greens jungle photo wallpaper Mountain Jungle the perfect basis for your bedroom, for example. Mountain Jungle photo wallpaper is also available as non-woven wallpaper. 

jungle photo wallpaper

Self-adhesive photo wallpaper Green Story

Op jungle photo wallpaper Green Story large green leaves. But because of the overflow to a part without leaves, it is not too much. If you place this wallpaper behind your couch in the living room, it looks like the leaves can fall over you. Are the leaves at the top a little too busy for you? Post it jungle photo wallpaper the other way around, making it look like the leaves are coming out of the ground. 

jungle photo wallpaper

Did you know: the word jungle is derived from the Hindi word jangal. In the 18th century, the English took over in India and it became jungle. The word jangal meant useless overgrown land.

jungle photo wallpaper banana jungle 

Banana leaves form the basis for this beautiful jungle photo wallpaper. As with the Mountain Jungle wallpaper, muted colors have been used here. This ensures that the leaves in the design of banana jungle not be too overwhelming in your interior. 

jungle photo wallpaper

jungle photo wallpaper Rainforest in the Fog

Turn your bedroom into a tropical rainforest with this beautiful jungle photo wallpaper. Of Rainforest in the Fog on the wall it is as if you can walk straight from your bedroom into the jungle. 

jungle photo wallpaper

jungle photo wallpaper In the Thicket

Are you looking for a darker jungle photo wallpaper. Then is In the Thicket the perfect jungle photo wallpaper for you. Dark green tones give atmosphere and provide a cool jungle room. 

jungle photo wallpaper

Our fleece photo wallpaper is available in the following sizes: 

  • 100x70 inch 
  • 150x105 inch
  • 200x140 inch
  • 250x175 inch
  • 300x21 inch
  • 400x280 inch
  • 450x315 inch 

Available formats may vary by design. 

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Were you able to make your choice? Do you go for quiet, muted greens or do you like it popping? Whatever you choose, in our wide range jungle photo wallpaper you gonna find it.