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A perfect photo wall for the office, the office types that everyone in their company has. For example, you probably know someone who is always late, or someone who is always too busy to spar together. We have featured some of these office types on office wall decoration. Check out the different types!

The color palette

A pastel color palette has been used in the office type posters. Soft purples, yellows, greens and blues will make a cozy addition to a dull blank wall in an office building. Because the colors are pastel tones and soft colors, it will be a good match in every office!

The posters in the photo wall

Everyone can identify with one of the office types. That is why this wall decoration is so nice for the office. The next office wall decoration posters are used in this gallery wall:

Office wall decoration

The Busy Bee

This person always has a lot to do and likes to be busy:'The Busy Bee'! This person has an active attitude and will not see you chatting for hours at the coffee machine, because he / she has to get back to work.

Office wall decoration

The Latecomer

You know it: 'The Latecomer', a colleague who is always late. We sometimes wonder how this is possible, but the person always knows how to put into words why he/she is late. Do you not know how to deal with such a person in the office? Then we have a good solution for you. Have everyone start between, for example, 7:00 am and 9:00 am and agree that you will always work 8 hours. For example, the early birds will be rewarded with finishing early and the latecomers will simply work a little longer. 

Office wall decoration

The Clown

'The Clown' in our midst is the one with the witty jokes, whether you like it or not this person will go on endlessly with his jokes. Who is the clown in your office?

Office wall decoration

The Inventor

The one with the best ideas and plans:'The Inventor'. Is there someone who works in your office who always comes up with all the good ideas? Then this office wall decoration suits your colleague. You would like to spar in all meetings with this person!

Office wall decoration

The Addic

And then the last person who drinks way too much coffee and stays by the coffee machine for way too long: "The Addic'! Maybe it would be good for this person to get a little less caffeine, but who are you to judge! Hang this office wall decoration and perhaps this will be the landmark. ;)

Office wall decoration

De office wall decoration collection

Office wall decoration is nowadays something that can no longer be missed to inspire your employees. These office characters are fun because it generates recognition in the office and everyone can compare themselves with a character. See all office types in the office wall decoration collection.

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