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Did you know that Walljar is tailor-made especially for companies office wall decoration offers? Art in the office is a source of inspiration for your employees, it also gives more room for creativity in your work environment!

Custom designs

An office can radiate the identity of the company, and what could be better than to show this by hanging the company logo, team photo, company motto etc as an office wall decoration?! This way you can be transparent to your customers what the company stands for. This can of course be done in several ways, we have highlighted a few for you:

Logo on the wall

Do you want to make a good first impression? Show what your company stands for with a logo on the wall. We offer the logos on the wall on the materials: Plexiglas, Forex, Dibond, Dibond Butler Finish or Re-board. Choose your favorite material and make a first impression with your customers to remember!
Office wall decoration

Wallpaper as office wall decoration

Do you want a unique, personalized wallpaper on the wall? Which can! You can choose from different materials from Provinyl fine to ProVlies matt. The wallpaper is water-repellent and scratch-resistant, perfect if there is a lot of movement in the office. 

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Office wall decoration

Textile walls for the office

Another favorite in the office are textile walls, you can also have your own design printed on this. The textile cloth is made of decor fabric; perfect for indoor wall decoration. The textile frame with cloth can be delivered fully assembled! Take now contact Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Soundproofing office wall decoration

Suffering from a reverberation in the office and looking for sound dampening wall decoration? We offer AcousticPro panels with sound absorption! This acoustic material consists of recycled jeans. With these acoustic panels you ensure a quieter environment, in addition, the design can of course also be inspiring for your employees.

Office wall decoration: paintings

You can also take a more subtle approach and hang a number of paintings. Choose a beautiful glossy plexiglass, a matte canvas painting or a modern framed poster! You can also opt for a trendy wall circle! This can now be seen everywhere in the home as well as in offices. 
Office wall decoration

Designs from our collection

No idea what you would like on the office walls? No problem! Take a look at our office wall decoration collection and get inspired! From motivational wall decoration to quotes and photographic wall decoration. Perhaps there is something for your office in between!

Submit your own design

You can send in a nice photo or quote yourself or discuss your idea with our design team. We like to think along with the company and support in the design of the designs. Together we provide the perfect wall decoration for your office!
Office wall decoration

Contact us!

Interested in office wall decoration? Please contact us at info@walljar.com, +3110-2613977 or the live chat and send us your wishes.