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Are you looking for hairdressers posters that perfectly match your salon. Do you have a trendy salon and do you want to tackle your walls in addition to making hair beautiful? Then you're there walljar at the right place. We have unique designs especially for the hair salon.

Why hairdressers posters?

Aren't you quicker to enter a store or business that looks nicely decorated? Invite your customers to your salon with these posters. The different hairstyles shown show, among other things, that your salon is versatile. It is also nice for your customers that while waiting for beautiful art can watch. For example, during the withdrawal of the paint.  

hairdressers posters

Different hairdressing posters in our collection:

Abstract flat design

In this series hairdressers posters an abstract flat design has been chosen. But what exactly is that? It is a minimalist art form that also leaves something to the imagination. For example, you often only see the lips, eyebrows and hair. Because of this design, the hair stands out very much. That is why these designs fit well with a hair salon. If you have a salon at home, it is also nice to hang it in your entrance. Then customers know right away that they have come to the right place. The posters are not too busy and give a minimalistic atmosphere, which is why they fit almost any interior. Abstract art is completely in these days, so if you want to modernize or renew your salon, choose one of our hairdressers posters

Various hairdressers posters

Do you want different ones for your hair salon? hairdressers posters on the wall, choose a nice selection from our range. So you can choose from the wavy hair or the blonde bob† You may still inspire people with the posters in choosing their hair length. One thing is for sure they have something nice to look at while waiting! And you may also attract new customers. 

 hairdressers posters

curls hairdresser

Are you looking for hairdressers posters with curls or black hair designs. We have! How nice is it to hang a design with beautiful curls in your salon that customers recognize themselves in. And any customers who walk by will immediately know that you specialize in cutting curls. The poster: head scarf fits perfectly with your salon. Do you also have ideas for a design, you can always suggest it to us. You can do this via our chat or you can email us:

hairdressers posters


We have different materials for the hairdressers posters† There are still some hairs flying around and that is why it is important that the hairdressing posters are easy to remove, or actually require almost no maintenance. There is already enough to clean in the salon. You can frame the posters nicely, you will find our frames here.

Shop your quickly hairdressers posters for the living room!

From curls to style and from short to long, the perfect hairdressers posters for your salon you will certainly find it at Do you want a custom design? Send us a message via the chat or email us