Slaapkamer koel houden

Je bedroom keep cool: although we all enjoy the warm weather, it does make for sticky and sleepless nights. Cooling your bedroom without air conditioning sometimes seems impossible. But don't worry: there are plenty of other options for you! We have listed 7 tips for you so that you can easily cool your bedroom without having to purchase an air conditioner!  

#1. Use airy materials

Do you have any fluffy sheets? Get rid of them and exchange them for light ones props. Think of linen bedding, for example: it is a fabric that absorbs a lot of moisture, which is so desirable on those sticky summer nights. In addition, we recommend having a thin bedspread near your bed, if it suddenly falls off cooling. Are you one of those people who, no matter how hot it is, still likes to sleep under a duvet? Then buy a bamboo duvet: this material breathes, is light and works cooling
Keep bedroom cool

#2. Open your windows

do you want you bedroom keep cool, then one of the easiest ways is to open the windows. In addition, it also works best to bedroom to cool. It is recommended in the morning, when it is still nice cool is outside, and in the evening when the sun has disappeared, open all windows and doors. More fresh air, and the air nice and clear. Of course you want to let in as few mosquitoes as possible, so purchase a mosquito net or fly curtain to keep them out as much as possible. 
Keep bedroom cool

#3. Curtains keep the sun out

Did you know that by keeping the curtains closed during the day, you can lower the temperature by as much as 6 degrees? An bedroom keep cool has never been so simple! Curtains help keep the sun out. The darker the curtains the bedroom make, the more cooling it's working. Do your curtains let in a lot of light? Then you can cover the windows with, for example, cloths, cardboard or blackout foil. It won't look very charming, but if it helps with the cool bedroom, why not?
Keep bedroom cool

#4. A fan for a refreshing breeze

Most have one in the house and if not, it is a much cheaper option than buying an air conditioner: the fan. One fan causes air movement, which will lower the perceived temperature. Do you want to quickly and easily bedroom keep cool, then this is a very effective and inexpensive option. Here are a few more hacks for using a fan: put some ice or a cool bottle of water in front of the fan for a nice fresh breeze! In addition, you can place the fan in front of an open window in the morning or evening: the warm air will be blown outside while the cool air is sucked in! 
Keep bedroom cool

#5. The many benefits of houseplants 

Plants already have many advantages, but the keep bedroom cool using plants? That's probably new to you! Plants work cooling: they evaporate the excess water through their leaves. This moisture ends up in the air, making them not only themselves, but also their environment cooling down. A few houseplants that most suit you cool bedroom, are the weeping fig, sanseveria, rubber plant, spoon plant and the golden palm. 

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Keep bedroom cool

#6. Do not turn on equipment that generates heat

Je bedroom keep cool won't work if you turn on too many devices. These give off heat, and that's the last thing you want when it's so hot outside. Therefore, make sure that electrical appliances such as computers, televisions, kitchen appliances and other devices are used as little as possible. This also applies to a hair dryer: just don't use it at all or set it to the coldest setting. 

#7. Finish with cold water

It won't you cool bedroom, but ensures that you go into the night a bit more pleasant: jump in the shower and end your shower with cold water. This helps your body to cooling that when you get into bed immediately afterwards, you fall asleep a lot easier. 
Keep bedroom cool

More tips?

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