It's the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas is here again! It's time for cozy in the house and cozy sitting inside with each other, lots of Christmas dinners, the Christmas tree and of course Christmas decorations! But what is nice Christmas decorations and how do you decorate your house so that it becomes a Christmas house? In this blog you can read tips for the best Christmas decorations!

Tip 1: The Christmas tree

Almost everyone will have this at home: the Christmas tree. It is also important for the Christmas tree to have suitable Christmas decorations to have at home. To beautifully decorate the Christmas tree, you can choose a certain color theme such as: gold-dark blue or red-silver. You can also choose to hang a theme in the tree, for example all Santa Claus and penguin pendants. You can not think of it so crazy, after all, it is your Christmas tree!

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Christmas decorations

Tip 2: Christmas lights

Probably the favorite Christmas decorations of many: Christmas lights! The more Christmas lights, the better. Hang the lighting in the Christmas tree, around the banister or place it on a table. Do you want to make passers-by happy? Then hang Christmas lights in the (front) garden! And it's a party for yourself every time you come home.
Christmas decorations

Tip 3: Santa Claus

Another typical Christmas decorations is of course Santa Claus! Whether you have it in your house as a Christmas bauble, large singing doll or as a cuddly toy, Santa Claus is a perfect Christmas decorations to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Again, the more Santa Claus, the better. 
Christmas decorations

Tip 4: The Christmas wreath

Christmas should ultimately bring you peace, the Christmas wreath can therefore certainly not be missing from the Christmas decorations. The Christmas wreath symbolizes infinite love, happiness and bloom. Now that's a Christmas thought! You can also make your own Christmas wreath by attaching different types of branches together. It is nice to hang the Christmas wreath on the front door, but you can also put it on the table. 

Tip 5: Advent

Traditionally, Advent is also part of it! This is again Christmas decorations with a meaning behind it. Every Sunday you light an extra candle to celebrate the run-up to the birth of the baby Jesus. In addition, burning a candle symbolizes faith and love. Pick out four beautiful candles and light one more every Sunday!
Christmas decorations

Tip 6: Nostalgic posters

After all, Christmas is also a time of nostalgia. We all reminisce about the past and think back to the good old days. Our Vintage poster collection fits this perfectly! Hang them framed on the wall to bring back the memories of the past. 
vintage poster

Tip 7: Christmas socks

This is Christmas decorations which not only looks nice, but also has a function: Christmas socks. Large Christmas stockings are nice to hang on the fireplace, but if you don't like this you can always put them on yourself!

Tip 8: Pillows and blankets

In addition to Christmas socks, warm blankets and pillows for the couch are also very nice. Precisely because it is so cold outside, we naturally like to be cozy and warm inside. You don't have to stock up on boring pillows and blankets, nowadays you have very nice pillows and blankets available with all kinds of different Christmas prints! 
Christmas decorations

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