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The kitchen is the place where you come every morning for coffee and where you are in the evening to cook and eat with friends or family. It is a place where you spend a lot of time, so it is important that the kitchen is a nice place to come! With our photo wall yay coffee or with our other kitchen posters you can turn your kitchen into a nice place again. You can read all about it in this blog!

The color palette

The yay coffee gallery wall mainly features soft colors such as cream white and salmon pink. This gives the kitchen a calm and attractive appearance. 

The posters in the photo wall

De kitchen posters are of course all related to the kitchen. The following posters were used for this gallery wall:

kitchen poster

peach branch

This poster features two peaches still hanging from a branch. The illustration consists of soft colors and has a passe partout. Just looking at it makes you want to enjoy these delicious peaches!

kitchen poster

Ya coffee

Every day is a moment of happiness: coffee! The cream white background with the clear black letters makes your love for coffee immediately clear. So hang this kitchen poster with pride!

kitchen poster

Flat White

There are many different types of coffee, the flat white is increasingly popular. This illustration is therefore ideal for a nice kitchen poster. With a double shot of espresso and whipped milk, you can make this popular drink yourself. 

kitchen poster

kitchen posters in all shapes and sizes

In addition to the yay coffee photo wall, there are of course many other options in the field of wall decoration for the walls in the kitchen. Our food & drinks collection is perfect for the kitchen. Nice options are:

1. Kitchen posters with food

if you think about kitchen posters, of course you think of wall decoration with food on it! You immediately get hungry when you look at it and that is of course the intention when you are in the kitchen. Hang this one for example papaya wall decoration on the wall. If you don't like papaya, we also have many other types of fruit as wall decoration like this one pineapple or this one sliced ​​lemons. This way you immediately feel like one of these fruits and it also brings a lot of atmosphere and coziness with it!

kitchen poster

2. Kitchen posters with coffee

Coffee: something that almost everyone needs to get energy, or simply because it is so tasty. In addition to the flat white, we at Walljar have an extensive collection of coffee designs as wall decoration. Hang this one for example cappuccino poster on the wall in combination with this one American. This way you immediately feel like your favorite type of coffee! 

kitchen poster

3. Line art posters

Line art is a new trend in wall decoration, which is increasingly seen in various interiors. Due to the minimalism and elegant style, line art posters are also very suitable as kitchen posters! For example, hang the champagne line art poster along with this one apple line art poster. Whether you go for dark or light, it immediately completes the kitchen!

kitchen poster

Tip:: Get to know our entire line art collection by learning all about our line art poster read in our blog!

4. Cocktail Posters

Just imagine: you are having a drink together, while enjoying a number of delicious cocktails! That certainly sounds super fun. With our cocktail wall decoration you bring this cosiness into your kitchen. Hang this one for example Mojito cocktail poster on. Or are you more of a fan of the Mimosa cocktail? At Walljar we have an extensive collection cocktail wall decoration, those are nice kitchen posters

kitchen poster

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Create your own look in the kitchen

Whether you go for the yay coffee photo wall or for other fun kitchen posters: it immediately makes your kitchen a lot cozier. Take a quick look at our food & drinks collection or order the photo wall yay coffee

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