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Plexiglass is already used in many ways. You can find it in aquariums, bus shelters, basketball boards, noise barriers and much more! But in addition to this, plexiglass is also an ideal material to use as kitchen painting to hang up. The glossy prints are fantastic in every room, but did you know that plexiglass is ideal as wall decoration in the kitchen? There are several reasons for this and we will list them for you!

Fine dining with perspex on the wall

The kitchen may not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to home wall decor. Yet this is a place where you can create a fantastic atmosphere with plexiglass paintings! After all, the kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time: both to eat and to prepare delicious dishes. It should really be no more than normal to furnish this space as inspiring as possible. We are happy to help you to get the most beautiful kitchen painting.

Prints to lick your fingers

One of the trends of today is of course taking pictures of beautiful (homemade) dishes. This is of course a great opportunity to get one personalized print out of it.

Prefer no personal photo? No problem, Walljar has an extensive food collection where you can find a nice kitchen painting. From images of fruit that give your kitchen a healthy look to modern and inspiring Line Art art. With Plexiglas you can hang these photos in your kitchen and turn the often gray kitchen into an inspiring space. Look now in our food collection!

Kitchen wall decoration

Why plexiglass as kitchen painting?

Now there are of course different material options for the prints that you can hang as a kitchen painting. However, we believe that a photo on plexiglass is really the best option for the kitchen for the following reasons!

The kitchen is often a place where a lot of light enters and this can have an effect on the wall decoration that you have hanging. Where light in other materials often causes the colors of the prints to fade, plexiglass does not suffer from this. This allows you to enjoy the work for a long time!

Plexiglass is easy to clean. Everything in the kitchen is at risk of getting dirty. When cooking, there is always some fat or other food flying through the kitchen that you would rather not have on your print! That is why it is a shame if you hang a painting in the kitchen that is almost impossible to clean.

Cleaning Plexiglass? This is super easy!

Plexiglass, on the other hand, is super easy to clean due to the glossy layer it has. Follow the tips below and the most stubborn grease stains can be removed in no time!

  1. Duster: With a cotton duster you can easily remove dust and light dirt from the work.
  2. Damp cloth: Dirt can easily be removed with a damp cloth. However, be careful not to use a microfiber cloth scratches. Either way, avoid too much pressure at work.
  3. Cleaning agent: For plexiglass you can purchase a special glass cleaner. A neutral detergent works just as well though!
  4. Gloves: When cleaning the work, wear gloves. That way you won't leave fingerprints!
  5. Cleaning material: Do not use harsh cleaning materials or abrasive cleaning agents. There is a good chance that these will cause small cracks in the work. Rather use a neutral cotton cleaning cloth.
  6. Use no alcohol, gasoline or ethanol. These damage the plexiglass. A neutral detergent it's perfect!

Convinced of your kitchen painting?

Then view the food collection and choose your favorite kitchen painting!