Keuken schilderijen

The kitchen may not be the first place you think of to hang paintings, but wall decorations belong just as much in the kitchen as they do in the living room or bedroom! It is a place where we spend a lot of time, from preparing the most delicious meals to eating midnight snacks. We have the best for you kitchen paintings put together to decorate your kitchen! 

The best alcoholic drinks

Kitchen paintings  

Our cocktail collection is full of the tastiest drinks, especially for the real cocktail lovers. This one kitchen paintings will hang perfectly in you kitchen, in memory of all the beautiful cocktail evenings that have taken place in this space! Go for your favorite drink and choose from a white or black background of the painting.

sweet kitchen decoration

In kitchen prepare the tastiest dishes every day. The nice thing about this is of course working with colorful food! In the food & drinks collection do we have the sweetest kitchen paintings with cheerful colours, on a soft pastel background. So when you want to add some more color and fun to your kitchen, is this the perfect one kitchen decoration for you. 

typographic kitchen paintings

In typography collection can you make different schilderijen find with short quotes. Also within this collection are a number of suitable kitchen paintings! For example the kitchen decoration with the quote “Bon Appetit","this kitchen is for dancing" or "Pizza, pasta and wine"

Kitchen paintings

Your favorite drinks

Do you want a typographic poster in your kitchen with which you can show what your favorite drink is? What did you think about "wine o' clock", or kitchen paintings with the quote "When life gives you lemons, make a gin & tonic”. Are you more of a coffee person? Then a painting with the simple words "Ya coffee” something for you kitchen!

Happy William Morris kitchen decoration 

William Morris, known for his iconic wallpapers, prints and rugs. The designs by William Morris are cheerful, colorful and fit into any room! Our favorites for the kitchen are four fruits, strawberry thief en fruit, because of the fruit theme in these kitchen paintings. But in principle, all Morris designs are perfect for the kitchen! 
Kitchen paintings

Unique black and white photos 

In photography collection you can find beautiful black and white photos. Black and white photos give you kitchen a unique vintage atmosphere that makes them very suitable as kitchen paintings! There are many pictures for you kitchen to decorate with, but Coffee time en Reading a Newspaper we like the best kitchen paintings

ready for you kitchen to give more atmosphere?

Can your kitchen some decoratie use? Discover here our entire collection and shop the best kitchen paintings!