Kinder slaapkamer poster

How sweet is it to hang nice posters in your child's room? This way you make the room cozy and your child can look at nice colors and designs! Watch the best children's bedroom posterr inspiration!

animal friends

There are many different animals in the kids collection, from photo art and line art to illustrated designs. How nice is it to hang your child's favorite animal in the children's bedroom? Here you see the cute panda and the climbing koala.

Children's bedroom poster

Children's bedroom poster: Alphabet animals

In addition to the animal friends, we also have all alphabet letters with animals next to them. Too cute to practice your little one's name with. Or practice with the whole alphabet on this Poster.

Children's bedroom poster

Does your little one also love sweets?

The milkshake posters or pancake poster totally what if kids bedroom poster! These cheerful, colored posters complete your child's room.

Children's bedroom poster

Typography children's posters

Chill out, waves or aloha! This summery wall decoration is perfect for the nursery. The cozy colors and prints on this one kids bedroom poster is a nice addition to the room.

Children's bedroom poster

These critters crawl right off the paper…

This playful art adds a fun flair to a nursery. On the print you see a Tor, Golden Ground Beetle. The animals of Jan Augustin van der Goes are drawn so realistically; it's like they could crawl off the paper at any moment. Together with the other designs from the children's collection, you can create your child's dream room in no time.

Children's bedroom poster

Which kids bedroom poster will your child like it the most?

Let your child also decide on the design of the bedroom. After all, it is the place where he/she spends most of his time. And how nice is it to do something together posters to choose and hang up.