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Children's room wallpaper: By wallpapering a wall of the children's room with nice wallpaper, you immediately have an attractive children's room. You can read inspiration for the best wallpaper for children's room in this blog!

Walljar wall mural

At Walljar we have an extensive range of photo wallpaper. Our wallpaper is odorless, waterproof and UV resistant. In addition, the wallpaper is of high quality and easy to apply to the wall. All in all, many advantages and therefore ideal for the nursery!

Nursery wallpaper

The choice for nursery wallpaper can be tricky, as there is a lot of choice and the wallpaper will really stand out in the room. See here some suitable options like nursery wallpaper:

1.Animal Map

Travel the world with your child with this Animal Map and nursery wallpaper! This photo wallpaper shows a world map with all kinds of animals. In this way you can introduce your child to all animals and the world map in a playful way. In addition, this cute photo wallpaper also looks super sweet and makes every child's room a party!

Nursery wallpaper

2. Friends of the Forest

With this Friends of the Forest nursery wallpaper bring the forest into your child's room! On the photo wallpaper you see all kinds of lovely animals, plants and leaves that you also see in the forest. This way your child has all kinds of new animal friends in the room!

Nursery wallpaper

3. Adventure in the Mountains

This photo wallpaper shows a number of mountains with ski lifts, hot air balloons, birds and the sun with clouds. Take your child with you Adventure in the Mountains with this nursery wallpaper! The color palette of yellow, gray, black and white makes it easy to combine with furniture for the children's room. 

Nursery wallpaper

4. Cute Sloths

This nursery wallpaper called Cute Sloths show cute sloths hanging from trees. Furthermore, there are mountains, birds and clouds to see. Just like Adventure in the Mountains, the photo wallpaper consists of the colors yellow, gray and white. 

Nursery wallpaper

5. Colorful Safari

The crocodile, elephant, giraffe, monkey, parrot and lion: on the nursery wallpaper Colorful Safari you can see all these and many other animals! This way your child has all the animal friends in the room, which will undoubtedly bring fun. In addition, all these cheerful animals bring a lot of atmosphere and cosiness in the nursery!

Nursery wallpaper

6. Rocket in the Clouds

3…2…1…There goes the rocket! On this nursery wallpaper you can see a rocket taking off. The background of the Rocket in the Clouds wall mural consists of mountains with snow and a blue sky with clouds. Take your child into the air by hanging this photo wallpaper. This way your little one can go on an adventure in this room!

Nursery wallpaper

7. Nursery Wallpaper: Happy Planets

Is your child crazy about space and everything that comes with it? Then this is Happy Planets nursery wallpaper perfect for your little one! This photo wallpaper shows space with all planets with faces, stars, Martians and astronauts. This way your child can dream away in space and create their own fantasy world!

Nursery wallpaper

8. Nebula

Are you looking for wallpaper for the older children who love space? Then this photo wallpaper Nebula perfect! The realistic photo wallpaper makes it feel like you are in space and looking at all the stars. 

Nursery wallpaper

9. Mountain Jungle

Do you want to create a real jungle bedroom for your child? Then this one Mountain Jungle nursery wallpaper perfect! The tropical photo wallpaper shows different types of leaves that you can encounter in jungle. Because of all the green tones, it really feels like you're in the jungle! Your child will love playing and sleeping in this nursery.

Nursery wallpaper

Nursery wallpaper buy at Walljar!

At Walljar we have an extensive range of photo wallpaper. Whether you go for a cute wallpaper with animals or plants, or a more realistic wallpaper of the room or leaves: you will find the best wallpaper for children's room at Walljar! Go to the website quickly and order your favorite nursery wallpaper