Klassiek interieur

Ready for a new interior? A classic interior is becoming more and more fashionable. It looks cool and you can have fun wall decoration lost in. Read in this blog how you can create a beautiful classic interior in 5 steps! 

Step 1 Appearance

What kind of atmosphere is there in a classic interior?

In an interior, a certain look must always be created. For a classic interior applies that it luxury, comfort and cosiness should radiate. Cozy must be created to make the home inviting and cosy. Comfort must be present in the form of a nice soft sofa that you can plop down on after a hard working day. In addition, the house must be furnished in a simple and accessible way to ensure that people quickly feel at home. 
Classic interior

What are the basic colors?

The colors that belong to a classic interior are mainly neutral colors such as; light blue, gray, white and light pink. These colors are reflected in the furniture walls and wall decoration. In this way the interior becomes a beautiful whole and everything flows into each other. You don't have to be averse to it either gold, silver or bronze to use. These colors shade the look of a classic interior only!

Step 2 Materials and furniture

Kitchen, sofa, tables and cabinets

As for the furniture, there are a number of things that are important. That's how there should marble en dark wood are present in the interior. For example, you can opt for a marble kitchen table in combination with dark wooden cabinets and tables. In addition, there must be a giant couch where everyone can sit. The large sofa exudes both luxury and cosiness. It is impressive, which emphasizes the luxury and also cozy because everyone can sit on the mega couch. 

You can also choose to place several smaller sofas in the interior if you like that better. The sofa must always be made of leather or fabric and have a beige or brown color. If you choose to place 2 or 3 benches, make sure you buy the same benches and not different ones, in step 3 you can read more about symmetry. 

Chandelier and mirror 

You cannot get away with not placing a chandelier or mirror in this interior. These are two typical items for a classic interior. The chandelier must be impressive and immediately stand out. So take the most unusual chandelier you can find! The mirror should be framed that has decorative finishes on the edges. The color of the frame must be in the basic colors of the interior. Which color we leave up to you!

Step 3 Symmetry 


Always keep the symmetry in a classic interior retains. This is an important feature of a classic interior. It keeps the interior uncluttered and provides peace of mind. Looking at the furniture, you should therefore try to buy two of the same sofas or two of the same chairs.
Classic interior

Even or odd

In addition, it is best to use even numbers or odd numbers, not both! So make sure there are the same number of chairs on both sides of the table. Hang on one side of the room two schilderijen up, but on the other side of the room too. This provides this symmetry and tranquility that is needed. 

Did you manage to get a classic interior to create? 

Now that you know how to create a classic interior, it is time to order your wall decoration for your interior. Now look at the bestsellers from Walljar for your ideal print!