Klassieke badkamer

A stylish bathroom is a must for every home! This blog post will help create the perfect classic bathroom. We discuss which classic furniture, tiles, taps and mirrors suit this interior.

The classic look: what does it mean?

The classic bathroom is characterized by golden details, ornaments, a free-standing bath, marble tiles and graceful taps. The classic look will give your home an elegant look. The kind of elegance you mainly get with really beautiful, luxurious materials like gold, marble and woodwork. If this style is right for you, read on for some great tips!

Faucets in a classic bathroom

As far as faucets go, you can't go wrong with something simple and dainty. For example, opt for a golden chrome tap with a cross handle. Chrome is beautiful in combination with a white sink and classic mirror cabinets. To create more space in the bathroom you can opt for a tap with wall mounting. With the right taps you can easily classic bathroom achieve look! 
Classic bathroom

Tiles in one classic bathroom

When it comes to bathroom tiles, marble is the material you need to have a classic bathroom to make. Or at least adding a mix of natural stone will add the feeling of elegance and luxury. 

Of course there are other options as well, such as beautiful white subway tiled bathrooms, through to some more modern black hexagonal tiles that create a great contrast against wooden cabinets. White or black is always a good choice when it comes to classic bathrooms, but you can also go for neutral colors like gray or beige if that appeals more to you.
Classic bathroom

Mirrors in a classic bathroom

When you have classic bathroom mirror is all about the list. You can opt for a simple black mirror, but if you want something extra special, go for a gold mirror.

And of course you can in a classic bathroom don't forget a mirror cabinet! Below you see a nice example of how you can use a Victorian bathroom furniture in a very stylish way. It adds elegance without taking up too much space or distracting from other elements that are really important to the design of the bathroom, such as windows and natural light.
Classic bathroom

The floor space

What people often forget when choosing their bathroom furniture is the floor space. Try to leave enough walking space in the bathroom, so several people can easily use the bathroom at the same time. So make sure there is enough space between each piece. At least 50 cm should be good!

Classic radiators

In the classic bathroom a cast iron radiator is an object that is often chosen. These old-fashioned heaters radiate a soft warmth and the heat is regularly distributed in the bathroom. In addition, this cast iron radiator gives a cool look to the elegant classic style.
Classic bathroom

Make yours now classic bathroom

So do you really want something timeless and classic? Then consider a classic bathroom with all the traditional features added!