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Decorating a small balcony can be quite a challenge. Ideally, you want to make a balcony as attractive and cozy as possible, but when the amount of space is scarce, furnishing a small balcony can be quite a task. Seeking inspiration and tips? In this blog we have written a step-by-step plan for you that makes decorating a small balcony so easy!

Decorating a small balcony: use this step-by-step plan

Are you going a furnish a small balconythen it is best to proceed step by step. We have divided it into 6 steps so that your small balcony won't miss anything! 

# 1. Decorating a small balcony with wooden tiles 

many balconies have a concrete floor, which does not always look pleasant. But with the help of wooden tiles you can change the look of your balcony completely change! Also on a small balcony these can be placed. You can often order them to size or trim them yourself where necessary. So do you go furnish a small balcony, then start installing a nice floor. 
Decorating a small balcony

#2. A lounge set matching a small balcony

Do you want a furnish a small balcony, then a lounge set made of pallets is a nice option. It is inexpensive and does not take up much space because it can be placed in the corner. With some pillows and blankets it looks super cozy!

Are you going a furnish a small balcony and if you notice that you don't have enough space for this, we recommend a small table with chairs, or even furniture that can be folded when not in use. 
Decorating a small balcony

#3. A screen for more atmosphere and privacy

How small je balcony as it may be, having privacy is always nice. With a screen you not only provide privacy, but you also bring more atmosphere to your home small balcony. For example, consider a screen made of bamboo or wood, or opt for a green screen made of plants or flowers. Especially if you have a balustrade made of iron rods, we recommend using one of these shields! 

#4. An furnish a small balcony with enough greenery

Plants largely determine the atmosphere of your balcony. The type of plants, the pots and the amount of plants all determine the final atmosphere. So approach this the way you want it and choose the (amount of) plants that make you happy. We can only recommend a small balcony to set up with plants that are suitable for outdoor use and preferably bloom all year round, so that your balcony always looks fresh and beautiful. 
Decorating a small balcony

#5. Also enjoy the evening with lights 

Are you going a furnish a small balcony, then lights are indispensable. Even in the evening it is wonderful to sit on the balcony! There are various outdoor lamps, lanterns, candlesticks and tea lights that give your balcony an incredibly cozy atmosphere. A garland of lights is also highly recommended!
Decorating a small balcony

#6. Finishing touch with decorations

Followed all the above steps and ready with a furnish a small balcony? Then it's time for the finishing touch! Place some cushions and plaids on the bench or chairs and place an outdoor rug. If you have a table, put some nice ones there accessoiries down like candles. In addition, you can also decorate the wall with a beautiful garden cloth or a painting especially for outside. A small balcony focuses you really not much else in than you would indoors! 

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Decorating a small balcony

For the green fingers who have a furnish a small balcony: vertical gardening

Do you love gardening and you don't want to miss this on your small balcony? No worries: also on a small balcony you can continue your love of gardening. To make optimal use of the little space on your small balcony, we recommend vertical gardening. Sounds crazy, but it's very simple. You simply work in height to save space! Take, for example, a rack, a high cupboard or stack a number of boxes or crates. As long as you work in the height, you save a lot more space on the ground. 
Decorating a small balcony

The different styles with which you can small balcony may not be decorate

Are you going a furnish a small balcony, then there are a number of styles you can choose from. The different interior styles that you can apply indoors can also be implemented on your balcony. Ideal is when your small balcony as it were an extension of the living room and the style of the living room gradually spills over into the balcony. These are 5 styles with which you can small balcony can decorate! 

A Bohemian balcony

De boho style is a cheerful style that is characterized by cheerful prints, rattan furniture, rugs and color combinations such as red, orange, pink and many earthy tones. A bohemian style often has a oriental atmosphere and is one of the most loved styles to small balcony with it to decorate!
Decorating a small balcony

A rural balcony

De country style is a cozy, not too crazy and soothing style. Especially natural materials are used in a country style with graceful decorations and not too daring color combinations.
Decorating a small balcony

A tropical balcony

Would you rather have one tropical atmosphere create on your balcony? With this style it always feels like summer on you small balcony. Add tropical plants and use warm, cheerful color combinations for that tropical feeling! 
Decorating a small balcony

A modern balcony

Unlike the above styles, the modern style neutral and tight. You mainly see colors such as black and white, and all the frills are actually superfluous. If this is the style you want to go for, you can leave out all decorations and unnecessary additions.

Get started with decorating a small balcony!

We hope that our tips have helped you enough to get started with your small balcony. Make it something beautiful: hopefully it turns out to be a furnish a small balcony not to be so difficult! Still looking for nice decorations? Discover us entire range!

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